Wollongong Steelworks

Wollongong Steelworks

Today Amy’s academically gifted class had an excurision to Wollongong Steelworks, or more properly Bluescope Steel.

Wollongong Steelworks

We caught the bus and watched a video about the history of the plant, before doning our safety gear for the tour.

Amy in safety gear

Libby at the steelworks

It was absolutely fascinating. Unfortunately they have just shut down the blast furnice (due to a drop in orders for steel) but we got to see a slap being rolled out, which was cool. We also drove around much of the area (which is huge) and got to see lots of different areas, including the man-made harbour.

Inside the steelworks

After lunch we drove up to Hill 60, which overlooks much of Wollongong and it’s beaches.

Admiring the view

I learnt a lot and am just so glad I got to see the facility that is so integral to Wollongong and it’s history.

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