Melbourne – Old Melbourne Gaol and Wicked


I think we were both awake around 6am and spent the morning watching all about swine flu on TV (as we’re currently in Australia’s swine flu capital) and checking mail/reading blogs. Around 9am we headed across the road to Starbucks.


Kevin got a coffee, I got a tea and we shared a lentil & pumpkin salad for breakfast – unusual choice I know but it looked and indeed was very yummy.

Breakfast at Starbucks

We then wandered down  Swanston Street to catch the free City Circle Tram.

City Circle Tram

We decided to get off and go see Old Melbourne Gaol (we had been many, many years ago – back before kids).

Old Melbourne Gaol

We enjoyed our visit and had a guide tell us lots about the gaol and it’s history. It was where Ned Kelly, amongst others, was hung. Most horrifying was the fact the youngest prisioner was a 3 year old – yes, 3 years old. He was “disorderly” and sentenced to 6 months.

Cell at Old Melboune Goal

Old Melbourne Goal

From here we got back on the tram and finished our loop before going in search of lunch. We ended up in a food court. Kevin chose vol a vents for us – but they were very ORDINARY and not worth eating.

Kevin at lunch

We left them and got some noodles to share – much nicer!!!

Libby at lunch

We stopped briefly at shop having a wool sale and I got some more wool and some lovely decorated wooden needles.

We then walked to the Regent Theatre.

Going to see Wicked

We picked up the things included with our tickets – coffee cups, CD and program. It was suggested to us to “check our bags” since we had a few. We did this and I felt rather posh as I checked my jacket – never done that before :-). In the intermission Kevin got himself this fancy mocktail with glowing cup.

Kevin & his special drinkKev's drink

The musical WICKED was fantastic. The singing, stages, costumes all super and I loved the story and how it was written. Kevin loved it too.

When it was over we collected our belongings and picked up some noodle soup (and a dumpling for Kevin) which we took back to our room to eat later.

Dinner - Noodle Soup

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