Melbourne – Markets & Movies

A misty Melboune morning

We woke up to fog this morning. After another slow start we packed our bags and left them at the hotel before heading out for the day. First stop was Starbucks for tea/coffees.

Libby with morning cup of tea

We then walked down Swanston Street and across to Southbank to the Sunday markets. Melbourne is such a beautiful city – I just love it. Our only complaint was too many smokers.

Flower stand

Tree lined steets

A cold Melbourne morning

We were a little early so watched rowers on the river – not quite sure what’s with the wigs on these girls!!!


We then strolled through the markets but didn’t buy anything besides breakfast. Kevin & I shared these very yummy mini pancakes.

Kevin getting breakfast

I made Kevin wear the scarf I knitted for him today :-).


We walked some more and did some browsing before deciding to go see a movie. We saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, which was cute and funny. When we came out we decided to go see another one – this time X-Men Origins – which I enjoyed way more than I expected. We actually missed lunch today but we had eaten during the second movie.

Movie theatre

It was getting on to mid-afternoon so we thought it best to head back to the hotel. We took the City Circle Tram again – which is the long way home – but we still had plenty of time. A quick trip into Haigh’s chocolate shop (which is in the lobby of the hotel) – our fav. chocolate. Boughts some gifts, and giant frogs for the girls.

Haighs Chocolate shop

We then collected our luggage and got a cab to the airport. We were quite early so headed to Qantas Club for some food – missing lunch had caught up with us. I was lucky and they had a nice asparagus soup which I had with a roll and some cheese.

Homeward Bound

We read and relaxed (yes, pretty much the theme for the day) before boarding our flight home. Everything went smoothly and we arrived home around 9pm, said a quick hello to the dogs, Dad & Amy (who was still up) and we all headed to bed. It was such a wonderful weekend and lovely to be a couple again, instead of a family, for a few short days.