Another year older

Birthday cards

Well, it wasn’t quite the most memorable of birhdays, what with feeling really yuck, but it was a nice day none-the-less. I got some presents off the girls – a necklace from Amy, and the matching earings from Christy, plus chocolates from both of them and handmade cards.

New birthday jewellery

Birthday chocolates

From Kevin I got an overlocker (that I picked out myself) and from Mum & Dad I got an assortment of goodies inc. the swim with the whale sharks (we’ll be doing on our upcoming trip to Western Australia, a mag subscription to In Britain, some new joggers and a couple of skirts. I was very spoiled indeed. I also recieved some movie tickets and gift vouchures from relatives and a lovely necklace from my Auntie – def.  a year of jewellery – which is nice since Kevin won’t buy me any more (for ethical reasons – kids, etc being used in mines).

New necklace

It’s usually a crazy afternoon with kids activities so we didn’t plan to do anything but Amy ended up not going to swimming (due to a sore back) so we were able to have  birthday dinner at Mums. We just got takeaway pizza but it was very nice.

Birthday dinner

Birthday dinner

No birthday cake this year but we did have a bowl of ice-cream instead :-).

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  1. Alison says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to you! Thanks for visiting my blog, I don’t very many mom healthy food bloggers either, it’s nice to find other moms out here in Blogworld! 🙂

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