Belated Menu Plan & Muffin Tin Monday

Not too sure how this not menu planning is working out but we’ve not resorted to take-away so it must be going okay. Having said that last week was a very strange one with me being unwell for the whole week, so easy dinners were definitely on the cards.

MONDAY: New recipe : Macaroni Bake – was OKAY



Mexi-Bean Burrito

WEDNESDAY: Take-away pizza for my birthday

Birthday dinner

THURSDAY: Pasta & Veggies (from freezer) – was quite nice and certainly VERY easy

FRIDAY: Sweet Bean Burrios

Sweet Bean Burritos


SUNDAY: Homemade Pizza at the Powells – similar to this one.


And for Muffin Tin Monday this week, Amy was kind enough to make us dinner.

Muffin Tin Dinner Muffin Tin Dinner

Muffin Tin Dinner

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  1. Muffin tin Monday is a such a cute idea! Meal planning helps me stay on track too, and helps keep the bill at the grocery store lower as well.

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