Menu Plan Monday


Well, with most of the family being sick during the week it was easy meals all around, and no new recipes.

MONDAY: Muffin Tin Dinner (made by Amy) – Amy & Kevin had fish, I had a veggie burger.


TUESDAY:Home-made Pizza

Homemade pizza

WEDNESDAY Falafel Wrap

Falafel Wrap

THURSDAY: Vegetable Schnitzel

Dinner - Veggie Schnitzel

FRIDAY: Sweet Potato Frittata

Dinner - Sweet Potato Frittata

SATURDAY: Christy requested pancakes.

Pancakes with lemon & sugar

I had a salad

Lunch - yummy salad

SUNDAY: Sweet Bean Burrito for me, Kevin had a scrambled egg wrap.

Sweet Bean Burritos

Not too sure what’s on the menu for the coming week (and I’m away for the weekend) but be sure to check out the Organising Junkie for more menu ideas.