Western Australia – Day 1

Arrving in style

Okay, so I haven’t been able to think of a great title for this trip – if you think of one be sure to let me know.

I was awake rather early – thanks to my bedmate, Christy. We lay in bed cuddling with the dogs, until around 5am when Amy joined us. We got up had showers, got dressed and finished packing. Last minute tidy up and instructions for the housesitter and it was time to go.

Imagine our surprise, when instead of the car we had booked to take us to the airport, we saw a limo driving up the road. The girls were SOOOOO excited. After a bit of debate about who was going to travel backwards – I refused to let Christy after a recent bout of car sickness – we settled in for the drive to Sydney.

Christy & hippo

Amy travelling in style

Just after 9.30am we pulled into the terminal and checked in for our flight. Before boarding I wanted to get something to help any possible problems with my sinuses. I got some ear plugs – which worked really great – and a nasal spray, which I used once – just in case.

Our flight was uneventful. I helped Christy do some spelling work and some questions in a Hanna Montana book, read a few magazines and even tried to take a nap – didn’t manage to pull that off though.  We were served lunch shortly after take-off and later a chocolate ice-cream. We had lovely views leaving Sydney.

Flying over Sydney

And arriving in Broome.

Arrving in Broome

We landed about  1.30pm (local time). We had to depart via the back stairs and into the heat – boy did it hit us.

Arriving in Broome

In the terminal  we were greeted my parents, Nan & Pop. The girls were so excited to see them (3 weeks is a very long time to not see someone you see almost daily). After collecting our luggage – which was amongst the first off – thanks to being a Qantas Frequent Flyer and being marked priority – we drove the short distance to the van park where we are staying. Nan & Pop had already checked in for us so we headed straight in to see our home for the next 4 nights. It’s nothing flash but it’s nice and clean and has plenty of space for the 3 of us, and most importantly, we’re close to Nan & Pop’s van.

Cabin in Broome

Broome Cabin

The girls were keen to have a swim, so after a quick change by all we headed to the pool. I have to say it was very nice.  And so strange to think that just 24 hours ago we were walking out of the school gate into the freezing, cold wind.

Getting in the

Swim time

We stayed for a while and it was great to hear all about the trip highlights so far. It was 4.30pm and we were getting hungry so Nan prepared us some afternoon tea, which we enjoyed at their van.

Afternoon Tea

Christy enjoying afternoon tea

We then made a quick trip to the supermarket to stock up on some supplies. The sun had just set when we came out but we went home via Cable Beach to see the “after” sunset. It was still magical and we’ll be sure to come see the real thing before leaving.

Sunset at Cable Beach

Sunset at cable beach

Night time palm

Back at the cabin we unpacked our groceries and headed over to the van to have dinner. I had a sent a lot of pre-cooked frozen dinners with Mum & Dad so it was just a matter of selecting which one to have. Tonight Amy decided on Zucchini Slice with some veggies.

At 7pm, both girls were getting tired (it is 9pm at home and we were up early) so we headed back to the cabin. Amy went straight to bed, Christy did a bit of drawing and I typed up todays report. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of good internet reception as I’m not sure how it will be once we start heading down the coast.

It’s been a great first day.


  1. Leanne says:

    Oh how I would love to feel warm weather again. It was so cold here today and windy still. Glad you had a good trip over and a great 1st day. Enjoy the next few days in Broome.

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