Western Australia – Day 2

Main Beach

Amy woke up around 3.15am and I promptly went back to sleep, leaving her to play on her DS. When I finally got up around 6.15am both girls were waking up (Amy had at least gotten a little more sleep). Now that I’m feeling a lot better I’ve been desperate to start exercising again so I used my valslides to do the Red Carpet Ready travel workout. I only did the circuit once though, as even that 15min took a bit out of me and I don’t want to end up too sore tomorrow. It felt so good to be using my muscles again.

I then sat and checked my e-mail and read a few blogs before showering and having some breakfast. At 8am we headed over the Nan & Pop’s van and shortly left for the main part of town. It look lovely, with many of the building having a Chinese influence (due to the number of Chinese involved in the early days of the pearl industry).

Being Sunday, most things were shut but we booked ourselves for the pearl farm tour in the afternoon and headed over to see the markets we passed on the way. Nan & I bought ourselves a nice skirt, and the girls got a Broome canvas fan (which they had loads of fun playing with the car).

Christy was excited to spot this bamboo (after having studied China at school last year).

Hiding in the bamboo

Next up was a visit to Main Beach where we enjoyed morning tea by the sea.

Morning tea by the sea

Dad & I shared this delicious (and huge) scone.

Homemade scone

And I couldn’t believe how much equipment came with my cup of tea.


Christy played at the park while we were here, then got an ice block to have in the car. The day was really starting to heat up now.

We had time for a quick visit to the location of the dinosaur footprints. They can only be seen at low tide but they have a plaster cast of what they look like.


We had a brief explore here – such a beautiful spot – and will hopefully come back again. You could easily spend hours exploring and taking photos.


Then it was time to head to Willie Creek Pearl Farm. Much of the road is on dirt – which the girls thought was lots of fun.


The tour was great. Very informative.


Amy was chosen to remove the pearl from the shell (later Dad bought her the small pearls that were in her shell).


Here she is posing with the oyster shell – but this pearl is worth around $1,500.


We were then served some damper (made with beer) which was very yummy.


Then it was time for a little cruise to see where some of the oysters are havested and have a demo in how they are cared for. The photos really don’t do it justice – the colour of the water was just amazing.



After our tour we headed back to the van park where we had another swim and laze in the late afternoon sun. Then it was time to get dressed and drive to Cable Beach to see the sunset.  We snacked on some chips and people watched while we waited.

Cable Beach

Here is Amy looking way too grown up….

Amy at Cable Beach

and Mum & I in our new skirts…

Mum  & I in our new skirts

It’s amazing how fast it goes down once it hits the horizon.

Sunset at Cable Beach

Sunset at Cable Beach

Back to the van we relaxed for a bit (and the girls played some putt putt golf) before had dinner. Amy had falafel wraps and I had a falafel salad (needing some veggies).

DInner - falafel salad

We headed back to the van around 7.30pm. After downloading photos and typing up this blog I headed to bed around 9pm to read for a bit.

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