Western Australia – Day 3


Another early morning – Amy and I were both awake around 5.15am. I got up and made us a cup of tea which we enjoyed in bed (it was a little too cool to get up). I checked e-mail and read blogs on my laptop while Amy read. Around 6am Christy woke up. It was a pretty lazy morning. About 8am the girls and I headed out for a little walk to send a postcard to their school classes. When we got the post box the sprinklers were on so the girls had to make a dash to post the cards. They thought it was good fun.


We then went for a stroll around the caravan park – holding hands.


Just after 9am we met Nan & Pop, who were finally ready, we left for the Wildlife Park.


The highlight, of course, was the crocodiles. Lots and lots of crocodiles.  The girls were thrilled to get to hold a baby croc.



It is the naughty park for crocodiles, as the owner, Malcom, is given or rescues “problem” crocs.


Here’s one doing the death roll.


Other highlights include the Barking Owl – and yes, it really goes woof, woof!!! So cute!


If you don’t believe me check out the video I found on you-tube.

The girls also loved the dingos – which were tame enogh to pat.


I loved the alligators and was amazed at how much friendlier they are than crocs – as evidenced by our guide hand feeding them.


After a wander around by ourselves we went on a guided tour which was very informative. We spent nearly 3 hours here and loved it. It was rather hot though and we had a bit of whinging from Christy.

We departed through the same croc mouth.


Since it was nearly 1pm we headed back into Broome and went to a local shopping center cafe for lunch. We all had a lovley warm wraps – mine was a veggie pattie with sweet chili sauce, Amy had an Aussie and Pop had Mexican. Christy had a roll I bought at the supermarket and ate it sitting at the bar by herself.



We dropped the few groceries we had bought back to the cabin and hung our for about half and hour before heading back into town for the Pearl Lugger Talk.



This is the other half of the tour we did yesterday and once again it was very interesting. We learnt all about the early days of the pearling industry. I was quite horrified and surprised to find out that we actually had slave labour in Australia – aboriginals were captured and made to harvest pearls.


It was after 4.30pm when we arrived back at the cabin. We headed over to the pool after stopping to buy an ice-cream. It has been very HOT today – about 32 degrees I think. We enjoyed our ice-cream, then Amy and Mum had a swim (it had cooled down I bit too much me to swim now). Christy was in a time out for 15mins and was then able to go in the water (hoping an early night will mean a less grumpy Christy tomorrow).

Tonight I had a TVP Taco salad (the others had fish cakes). After dinner I was checking out the forecast of the places we’ll be travelling to – looks pretty good until we get to Perth. We’re all glad we’re not back home in Wollongong where the forecast is 13 deg for the next 4 days :-).

After Nan & Pop’s neighbours started smoking the girls and I packed up and headed back to our cabin. It’s 8pm and they are both fast asleep. After I post this I’m heading to bed to read and probably have an early night myself.

Tomorrow we’re heading back to explore those great rock formations and in the afternoon, probably the highlight of our time in Broome, riding camels along Cable Beach.