Western Australia – Day 4


Wow, what a great last day we’ve had in Broome.

Amy & I woke up about 5.45. I read blogs (not in bed today) and enjoyed a cup of tea. Around 6.30am Christy woke up and I did another short workout.  We got ready for the day and had breakfast before meeting Mum & Dad around 8.30am.

We headed back to the point to spend more time with the rock formations. Such a wonderful spot. We stayed for around 2 hours exploring and just sitting and watching the water. The girls loved it and even found a rock pool to splash in.





When we’d finally had enough we headed out for a quick look at the port. Check out the size of the rescue boats they have out here. HUGE!!!


We then went into Broome proper to have a look around.


We did some shopping and I was VERY spoiled by my Dad -who bought me this gorgeous pearl ring. I just LOVE it!!! It’s not a perfect pearl but I think it looks like a heart on it’s side – which is the main angle I see it.




By this time it was past 1pm and were all getting a bit hungry. We found this lovely little cafe where we had a very yummy lunch, even though we did end with 2 seperate tables.




Today I had some bruchetta. Nice and refreshing on this HOT day.


We picked up some more groceries before dropping them back at the cabin and getting ready for our camel ride.

As we drove down to the beach we passed the camels walking along the road (they apparently live 3km away).


We all LOVED the camel ride. It was so fun and the camels are just gorgeous. Christy and I rode Munju and Amy & Nan rode Wan (Pop rode further back). Wan kept coming up from behind so I could scratch his head (so cute) and apparently if there had been a rider in front of us Munju would have rested his head on the riders lap. The ride lasted 30min up Cable Beach and was quite long enough – we were all starting to feel a little sore towards the end. As the camel stands and sits you have to lean backwards and hold on tight – it’s quite the ride! But once you move along it’s a nice rolling motion.


After our ride we said our farewells to the camels and collected our gear from the car for a swim in the Indian Ocean. It was refreshing and just such a beautiful setting.


I just had to take this photo of our feet – we’ve all got different coloured nails. Mine are pink, Christy’s purple, Amy’s blue and Nan’s burgandy.


We stayed for about an hour before heading back to the car. Tired as we were all feeling it was  a wonderful way to end our time in Broome.


Back at the cabin we started packing for our departure in the morning. I then took the girls for a game of putt putt golf, before we enjoyed dinner with Nan & Pop.

IMG_9241 IMG_9242

I had a plate of veggies tonight. Yum!!! Must eat more protein tomorrow though – all I had today was a bit of cottage cheese with breakfast.

I’m rather sad to be leaving Broome. It’s a wonderful place and I’m sure we could have easily spent another week. One thing is for sure. I will be back one day with Kevin.

Tomorrow we start a couple of  long days driving. I’m not sure when I’ll have internet again so I might be out of touch for a while.

3 thoughts on “Western Australia – Day 4

  1. Camels?!?? SO cool!

    I love your heart shaped pearl ring, and good point that that’s the angle you see most of the time. How sweet of your dad.

    Love the family foot pic too. 😀

  2. I am loving all the photos and hearing about your trip!! A camel ride on the beach, how perfect!! Great idea to write the name of the place in the sand!!! Love that.

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