Western Australia – Day 5


Woke up at 5pm this morning. Lay in bed chatting with Amy for a while before we got up to make a up of tea and check blogs. Last internet for a few days so wanted to be as up to date as possible. Still have LOADS in google reader – I got way behind when I sick in June.

Christy woke up around 7am and we got ourselves organised for the day and finalized our packing. The van was hitched up and we were on the way about 9.20am. I read blogs on the i-phone for the first 15 mins or so until we lost service. I then looked out at the window for a bit before I got stuck into my book.


A very uneventful day of driving. We stopped for lunch around 12pm – which was ate in the van.



Then another stop around 2pm. One highlight was when we were talking about safety in the car and what could happen if we crashed. It’s a dead straight road but Pop pointed out we might hit a elephant….or even a giraffe. We all burst out laughing. Not likely sights in the middle of the Australian outback. Poor Pop – he won’t live this one down for a while.

We pulled into Pardoo Roadhouse about 3pm. Wow – what can I say? I’ve never stayed in a shed before. But it’s clean and a bed –so that’s all that matters – and we even have a pool view. Not too bad for $120.




The girls were quick to change into their cossies and have a swim. Not that they lasted too long as the pool was rather cold.


We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, reading, eating. I typed up today blog ready to post when we get internet access again.


Christy made a friend so she was happy. Both the girls ended up playing with her for an hour or so before the sun went down



The girls then worked o n getting their diaries up to date. I printed up some photos for the girls on Nan’s printer. Dinner tonight was chili con carne.   We headed back to the room around 8pm and the girls played their DSs for a bit and I started the last Harry Potter book.