Western Australia – Day 6

The girls and I woke up around 6am.


Suprisingly I’d had a pretty good nights sleep in the tin – though having to go outside to the toilet in the middle of the night wasn’t too much fun. I made some tea and read through a Shape magazine. About 7.30am we got dressed (wasn’t game enough to use the showers here) and packed and headed back over to the van.

We had breakfast, packed the van and took to the road. It was a shorter drive today and just 90mins later we were pulling into Port Hedland. It was a bit eerie when we arrived as the town was covered in fog (from a heavy morning dew).


We checked into the van park and got set up.


About half an hour later we were able to get into the cabin. It’s quite nice and a 100 times better than last night.


We then headed into town and picked up some sandwiches, which we ate down by the harbour. In amongst the fog we were able to see the ships being loaded. Felt very much like home. It’s very much a working town with lots of workers (in their hi-vis gear).



I had a very nice cheese and salad sandwich.


As I was taking the photo I noticed something that wasn’t meant to be there – chicken (definitely a no-n0¬† for this vegetarian). I had to pick it all out. Alas, it wasn’t wasted and the seagulls got to enjoy some lunch too :-).

Christy had a play at the park(Pop watched) while the rest us went to the visitors center. We booked in to do a tour in the morning.

We found a few interesting things in town. Firstly Withnell Street (even though our surname is Withnall we thought it close enough).

Then we found Christie Lane.

We then stopped for some more groceries and took them back to the van. Once unpacked we headed to Pretty Pool Рwhich had been recommended to us. It was lovely spot and we spent a few hours here. I lay relaxing in the sun, Nan & Pop swam and explored with the girls. Lots of great shells  and mangroves to explore here so the girls had a ball.

Back to the van for the girls to have a shower. I only have internet access at the van so I headed over to get started on this blog post. Time for a spot of dinner.

Then we headed over to the beach – which borders the park – to see Stairway to the Moon. It was quite magical.

***If you’re wondering why there are no photos from this afternoon. For some reason my card is mucking up. So hope I haven’t lost my photos (at least I uploaded to snapfish the days in Broome).

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  1. What an incredible vacation you guys are having. I love reading about your girls because I feel like it’s giving me a sneak peek of what’s to come when my girls are older. Too sweet.

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