Western Australia – Day 7

*** If you want to see photos from today I am sharing them on facebook.

The girls and I were up early this morning (in fact they were up before I was). Since the sun wasn’t up yet we decided to head outside to see the sunrise. I took a cup of tea and it was just lovely sitting there with my two girls as the sun rose.

We had breakfast with Nan & Pop today and then got all organised and on the way by 8.45am. We headed into Port Hedland where we went to the visitors center for our BHP Billiton Iron Ore Tour.

It was a bus tour of the facilities and very interesting (esp. as Amy & I had just done the Steelworks tour at home).

After the tour we bought some lunch from the same cafe as yesterday. Then Pop realized he had forgotten to switch over the car battery (it runs the freezer in the car) and the battery was now flat.

Luckily it wasn’t too bad a place to be stuck for a while. We had lunch at the same table we ate at yesterday – but with a better view today as there was no fog. Then Christy played at the park while I checked facebook and blogs on my i-phone. Luckily we only had to wait about an hour and were on our way at 12.30pm.

It was quite a pretty drive today and I even managede to get a little nap – I know I must be really tired if I managed to sleep in the car. Unfortunately when we arrive at Karatha at 3.30pm the van park had no record of Nan & Pop’s booking. Eventually it was resolved and they were given a cabin across from us for the night – with the van parked right out front.

After everyone had calmed down we sat and enjoyed a cheese & fruit platter that Amy had prepared for us. Later Pop cooked a BBQ for dinner and now the girls are watching a Spongebob DVD which Amy bought yesterday (first TV since we left home) and I’m updating my blog and going to read some of the 1000+ posts showing in google reader. If I’m a regular commentor on your blog I’m sure you’ll understand if I don’t comment while I’m away, but I am still reading when I can.

Tomorrow we have a 7 hour drive to Exmouth but then we’ve got 4 nights in the same cabin.

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  1. Sorry to hear your day was so stuffed up. Glad you’re enjoying your holiday on the whole though!

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