Western Australia – Day 8

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Wow, can’t believe we’re a week into the trip already. Days are just flying by. I woke up at 5.30am this morning, Amy around 6 and Christy not till 7.30am when we had to wake her up. We packed and had left the van park around 8.30am. We had  a stop for petrol, then a quick drive around Karratha. Didn’t see the actual main town but did see the water and I got a nice picture of the sun glistening on the ocean.

Then started the longest day on the road. 7 hours of driving. I spent much of it reading Harry Potter, occasionally looking out the window (but there really wasn’t too much to see) and I even manage another short nap (the warm car seems to make me drousy – I never normally sleep during the day, even when I’m sick).

We stopped for more petrol and lunch around 12pm. There was even a doggy dunny – which we all thought was funny. Lunch was wraps in the van (though Amy went to the cafe and bought herself a meat pie).

Then back on the road for the second half of the drive. We arrived in Exmouth around 4pm. Our cabin is right overlooking the pool and just beautiful – so luxurious compared to the last few nights. Nan & Pop’s first site was right beside the playground and SOOOO noisy so they asked to be moved – and they were. Unfortunatley they are now at the total opposite end of the park to what we are but at least it’s more peaceful.

After everyone got settled we sat on our verandah for some afternoon tea while the girls had a swim.  I rang Kevin (who got back from his diving trip to Vanautu last night) and it was good to hear his voice.

Nan then watched the news (I didn’t bother as it’s all just depressing anyway), and we went over to the van for dinner.

When the girls and I walked back to our cabin we realized the keys had been left behind so I had to make the hike there and back again. Oh, well, it was good to get a bit of exercise after the long day sitting on my backside. The girls then headed to bed and I sat up to play on the laptop.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back sharing photos in my posts.