Western Australia – Day 10


I was up at 5am with Amy. We woke Christy up at 6.45 and got ourselves organised and out the door at 7.15 for our pick up for our whaleshark trip. It was cool morning but we were all excited. We left Nan (who gets seasick) at home to clean her caravan and have a relax.

After a bus ride out the beach, we boarded a small boat to take us to our big boat and home for the day.

Our boat

Before we had even left the moring we spotted our first turtle Рso cute seeing them in the wild. We then a short trip to our first snorkle spot. The water was suprisingly warm because it the wind made it cool on deck.  It was a nice spot Рpretty much the same as yesterday.

Back on the boat we were served some tea cake, corn chips & dip. At 10am the planes were in the air and looking for the whalesharks. We were given a talk about the whalesharks. Then motored around for a bit and I sat outside in the spray getting totallly soaked – was good fun though and took me back to my sailing days. This was the unfortunate result.

Libby's bad hair

But I wasn’t the only one having a bad hair day.

Bad hair

We then headed to see a school of manta rays. This was a cool snorkel  Рwatching these giants gliding by us, and even circling around. Very hard to photograph though so I only got a few decent shots.  Not sure how long we were in the water. I thought there was about 6 rays but according to the captain there was about 50. It was so cool so swim with them.

Manta Ray (corrected)

Manta rays

When we got out it was decided we’d have some lunch. It was a nice spread and I enjoyed some salad and a roll.


Then it was waiting time.

Up on the top deck

We did see another turtle or two. We were made to sing and dance a whaleshark song.

Doing the whaleshark dance

And promptly saw a hammerhead shark sp we think something went wrong with our song.

Hammerhead shark

More humpback whales – one surfaced RIGHT beside the boat but was too quick for a photograph. Christy played with the plastic whalesharks.

Christy playing

More waiting. I photographed my toes…


and Amy warmed up in the sun.

Amy warming up in the sun

More waiting, the girls sat at the front of the boat in the spray having a wonderful time with some other kids.

Riding the bow

More waiting, are you starting to get the picture. The first day since April that no whalesharks were spotted by the planes – what are the chances (though it is nearing the end of the season). What a bummer!

At 4pm the planes were out of fuel and we were out of time and headed back tot he beach, boat, bus and return home. Unfortunately Christy had a meltdown on the way home and for over half an hour I was abused and insulted as she tried (unsuccesfully) to get a reaction out of me. Eventually she snapped out it, told me she loved me and that she was sorry. I know she’s tired so I didn’t take it personally and let it spoil an otherwise wonderful day. And it was a fantastic day. If we’d been going for just a day out snorkeling with no thoughts of seeing whalesharks it would have rated 10 out of 10. But it’s hard not to be a bit dissapointed we didn’t get to experience what we really wanted to. For those staying in town longer they have the chance to go again or come back next season.

We were all tired so after showers and dinner it was prett much straight to bed – or will be for me once I get this posted.

Tomorrow we have another early start with a 6.30am pick up for an all day 4 wheel drive tour.

In parting tonight I’ll leave you with Christy’s impersination of Marrilyn Monroe.

Christy's Marrilyn impression

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  1. I am so bummed that you didn’t get to see a whale shark…..but a hammerhead is very cool……not to mention a humpback!! Looks like an amazing day!

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