Western Australia – Day 12


A bit of a slower start after the last few days, though we did have to finish packing all our bags (was so glad I’d started last night). Dad came over about 9am to collect our bags. We then hitched up the van and stopped at the visitors center to pick up a $82 refund for the cancelled cruise yesterday. Was sad hearing they’d had whales yesterday :-(.

We  then drove into town so I could get Amy’s medicine (she is a lot better today and no where near as itchy) and some rolls/cakes from the bakery. We hit the road just around 10am.

A fairly uneventful morning reading Harry Potter. We stopped at Coral Bay for lunch.

Coral Bay

A very pretty spot even on this windy day – but it was a bit too crowded for my liking. We had a toilet break at the Tropic of Capricorn.

Tropic of Capricorn

Back on the road. I read a bit more until Dad asked me to take over the driving for a bit. He’s got the flu and was starting to feeling a bit heavy lidded. I didn’t mind and towing the van on straight quiet roads was very easy. I just had to work out the wave protocol. Basically you only wave to ‘vanners as they are the only ones who will wave back (I know motorbikes only nod to other motorbikes – but not Harleys 🙂 ).

Libby towing the van

Dad took over the driving just before we reached Carnarvon around 3pm. We checked into our cabi.


The girls were quite excited to discover they had “boys beds” due to the blue truck quilt cover.

Bunk beds for boys

We then headed back out for a drive around the town. First stop was Morels which had fruit & veg grown on their farm.  We had been very surprised to see lots of banana plantations on the way into town. Obviously a good climate for growing food. We got some supplies and a homemade mango iceblock – yum!!! and some chocolate strawberries for later.

Morel's fresh fruit n veg

When we got to the main township we were amazed. It is just beautiful. So many flowers, palm trees and a neat, well looked after town right by the waterfront. It was instant love at first sight for me.


We headed out to One Mile Jetty.

One mile jetty

Walking on one mile jetty

And walked until the fence. Apparantly arsonist set fire to the bridge but they are going to rebuild very soon.

Burned section of one mile jetty

As we walked the sun was setting over the water so we got to see another magical sunset.

One Mile Jetty

Sunset at One Mile Jetty

We had a quick walk around the museum – which was small but interesting.

Girls on anchor

And the girls and I climbed to the top of the water tower. Wonderful over the town.

Libby at top of water tower

I was a bit sad this afternoon that Kevin wasn’t here to experience this with me and hear what he thought of the town I was in love with. While it’s nice to dream I can’t really see me living here – a bit too far from a major town – but maybe I could find somewhere similar on the East Coast. Who knows maybe the mangos might convince Kevin this is the town for us :-).

It was almost dark as we drove back through town. I don’t think I’d get sick of seeing this every night.

Sunset at Carnarvon

We had dinner back at the van, then returned to our cabin. It was late so the girls headed off bed shortly after and I went to bed to type this up (so I could turn out the light in the main cabin where they are sleeping).

Tomorrow we drive to Monkey Mia.

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  1. By Kez, July 16, 2009 @ 4:52 pm

    What a beautiful place! Will definitely have to get there one day!