Western Australia – Day 13

Sunset at Monkey Mia

We all woke up around 6am (actually Christy was already playing her DS in bed). We all ended up in my bed, with the girls working on their diaries and me playing on the computer and trying to finish Harry Potter.

We were packed up and out of the cabin at 8am. We had a bit of a panic when Amy couldn’t find her wallet. It was later handed in to the office – someone had found it behind our cabin (with all the money in it). Though she won’t admit it I’m guessing Christy must have playing with it and left it out there. Glad it was handed in though – over $150 in it.

We hit the road around 9am. Another uneventful drive, though we did get a bit of rain.

Grey skies

I finished Harry and started on Stephanie Plum (Finger Lickin’ Fifteen by Janet Evanovich).

We had a toilet break around 11am and arrived in Monkey at 1pm. Mum & Dad have beachside site and we’re in a beachside villa.

Cabin at Monkey Mia

It’s very nice (and even has carpet).

Cabin at Monkey Mia

But the view is outstanding. Right now as I type this up (to blogged later when I have internet access) I’m watching the sunset.

View from our cabin

We were all rather hungry so we headed to  the Boughshed Café for lunch.

Girls at lunch

I had a delicious vegetarian quesadilla. As you can I was hungry I started eating before I got a photo. It was delicious – but huge – and I couldn’t even eat half of it.

Vegetable Quesidilla

Unfortunately it was so big I couldn’t even eat half of it. It was lovely sitting watching the water, even if it did start to rain while we were here. It cleared up, and though was overcast for the rest of the afternoon, we didn’t get any more rain.

After lunch we had a look in the shop and bought a few bits and pieces. I resorted all our luggage (we needed to break out the Winter clothes) while the girls played on the sand – LOVE that I can see them from the cabin.

Around 4pm they went out on a kayak for 30mins and had a ball. It’s so flat here – not sure if it’s always like this but was like glass today.

Ready to kayak


Libby watching

I then took them to the hot tub to warm up (though Christy decided to hope in the pool for a bit).

Hot tub fun

I was cold sitting out though so we didn’t stay there too long. Back in the room, the girls had a shower and we all got into warmer clothes.

Time for a little snack out on our deck while we watched the sunset. This is such a magic place – and we haven’t even seen the dolphins yet.

After snack

Setting sun

Christy made some friends on the beach and had a play, while Amy was over at the van doing crosswords with Nan and I was typing this up.

At I went over to Nan’s and we all had dinner. Back at the van I let the girls watch a movie in the king size bed. They had wanted to go a kids talk tonight but with Amy coughing and Christy needing a good nights sleep (ready for the dolphins in the morning)  I thought a movie a better option. They watched Meet the Robinsons while I read a mag.

In the end I decided a slumber party might be fun and we all slept together in the king size bed – which the girls thought was so much fun.

Slumber party