Western Australia – Day 14


After a bit of  a rough night (Christy is a very restless sleeper) we woke up around 7am – our lastest start to the day I think. We quickly got dressed and headed over to the beach ready to see the dolphins. Monkey Mia is famous for the wild dolphins that come in for a feed (it is all regulated and controlled).


So exciting to see them so close. Just magical.



After the first feeding we walked out along the pier.


We were going to head back for breakfast when they announced they were going to do the second feeding (out of 3) already. This time there was LOTS less people around so we got a much better view. There were also more dolphins this time. They feed 5 female adults from 3 dolphin families. The little calves were so cute and playful. The girls were lucky enough this time to be chosen to feed “Surprise”, who was the first dolphin to arrive this morning with her calf.




We were VERY hungry by this time as it was after 9am so we headed to van. Since it was a cool morning Amy & had jaffles for breakfast. At 10am I took the girls to Rescue Rangers where they learnt all about how rubbish effects the marine life. They then went on a rubbish collection on the beach, scoring points for various finds.



We then had a little look at the small dolphin information area and the shop, where the girls got a really good travel activity book. Mum & Dad headed out to check out the nearby town on Denham. Christy played on the beach, Amy & I read. Later we got some takeaway wedges for lunch – not a lot of choice and no access to the van.


After Mum & Dad arrived back Pop, the girls and I went out on a paddle boat. Talk about hard work. Luckily Dad & I got turfed off the girls swapped to a 2 seater for the remainder of the half hour. I think it must be a lot easier to less weight to move through the water.



It was now around 3pm and we decided to go to Ocean Park – which I had overheard someone else recommended. After detouring to Denham (where Mum thought it was) we finally arrived there at 3.30pm, just in time to join in the last tour of the day. It’s  a most unusual set up they have here. Some injured marine life, but most, including the sharks, are caught by the marine biologists on staff.


Very interesting and a nice, close encounter with the fish – most of which are released back into the ocean.

We especially loved the stingray, which came up to be hand feed. So cute.


I love the look on Christy’s face in this one – she must have thought the stingray was going to jump out of the water and get her.


The sharks were also great to see. So gentle. A very different setting to a normal aquarium. Definitely well worth the visit.

Shark feeding

Before leaving we had a late afternoon tea at the café overlooking the ocean. I had a delicious hot chocolate and shared some cake with Nan & Pop. Perfect ending to a perfect day.

Afternoon Tea at Ocean park

Yummy cake

Hot chocolate

We arrived back at Monkey Mia at 5pm. While I organised suitcases (ready for our departure in the morning) the girls went out on one last paddle – this time on individual kayaks. They had a ball and it was beautiful watching the sun set while they paddled around.

Girls kayaking in sunset

Sunset at Monkey Mia

I then typed todays diaries before we headed over for dinner at Nan’s.

In parting another view of the beach from our verandah. So sad to be leaving in the morning.


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