Western Australia – Day 16

At the Pinnacles

Talk about a bad nights sleep. I woke at 2am and didn’t manage to get back to sleep till after 5.30am. Then awake again at 7am. Unfortunately it’s windy rainy and rather cold.

Wet & raining morning

We had breakfast, got packed up and then I played on the computer until Dad came over for our luggage around 9am. A slow start to the day, we left around 9.30am. More reading in the car, and enjoying the view. We had a bit of adventure this morning and got lost after a detour. Since Pop was towing the van turning around is not easy and he ended up driving OVER a do not enter sign and baracade that had blown down in the wind and going around a round about and back over the baracade. Quite funny really and not a problem as it was Sunday and no-one was about. It’s a bit of a joke now that Pop doesn’t worry about what signs say and will just run over any road blocks. Guess you had to be there but it was totally unlike my Dad to do something like that, not that he had a lot of choice.

We stopped for lunch in Jurien Bay. What a beautiful spot, although a little cold today – at least the rain had passed. We had lunch at the Jetty Cafe. I had a veggie burger – which I most of once I removed it from the bun.

Veggie Burger

After lunch we had a little stroll out on the jetty.

Lunch by the sea

Then it was back in the car for the half hour drive to Cervantes. We checked into our cabin and I was most surprised to be given toilet keys – yep, no ensuite again. Quite shocked as I’ve never heard of a cabin having no toilet (however with the cold, windy and now rainy weather we’ve got a bucket on standby 🙂 ). The cabin also has no heater but we’ve borrowed Nan & Pop’s for the night (they can use there air-conditioner). We’d be freezing without it. Other than all this, the cabin in okay. And it’s our last night before 5 nights in Perth.

Cabin in Cerentes

After getting organised we headed off to see the Pinnacles. On the way we stopped to see some stromatolites – yep, I’d never heard of them either.

Girls at lake


Then on to the Pinnacles. Wow, wow, wow. They are awesome. And the pictures really don’t do them justice. They go forever, as far as the eye can see. We were especially amazed that you drive right through them and can get out and walk around.

Driving through the Pinnacles

So many shapes and sizes


Close up

So many pinnacles

At the Pinnacles

And check out this cute little bird – they only living thing (beside tourists) that I saw.

Bird in the Pinnacles

We visited the Interpretive Center and gift shop before leaving. Pop dropped the girls and I at the play park beside the caravan park and they had  a play. Unfortunately it was VERY cold so we couldn’t stay too long.


I did get to enjoy the sun hiding behind the clouds.

Setting sun

Back at the cabin I started uploading photos and then went over to make some french toast for Christy. Tonight Amy & I had falafel wraps for dinner then it was back to the cabin (just before the rain started again).

Tomorrow – the last leg of the journey to Perth, then 5 nights in the SAME CABIN (and there’d better be a toilet!)

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  1. Wow, you are nearly here! I can vouch for the cabins in Perth- You WILL have a toilet! Ha ha!!! Safe travelling xx

  2. That cloud photo is gorgeous and those rock formations are the coolest!! Bummer about the toilet and bad night of sleep! LOL at your dad!

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