Western Australia – Day 17

Hot chocs for breakfast

Not an especially exciting day. After a very windy and noisy night we all got up around 7am. We got packed up and headed over to the cafe for breakfast. We had hot chocolates since it was FREEZING.

I also had a croissant. Amy had bacon & eggs on toast. It was very nice. The girls enjoyed looking at the large shell collection.

Shell collection

After we’d eaten we met up with Nan & Pop and it was time to hit the road for our last day of driving. Pretty countryside. Loved the huge wind farm – I believe there are over 40 windmills.

Wind Farm

Around 3.5 hours later we arrived in Perth and checked into our cabin (complete with toilet :-)). It’s very nice and large and we have a nice outlook over river type thing (not entirely sure what it is but it’s flowly with clean looking water).

Cabin in Perth


We got unpacked and had some lunch – jaffles today as we all wanted something warm.

Lunch in Perth

About 2.30pm we headed to the local supermarket to pick up some essentials – like chocolate and ice cream :-).  We also went to a nearby Harvey Norman so Nan & Pop could get a new TV (their’s has no sound and they still have 4 weeks to go). The girls and I stayed in the car and read some magazines we’d just pick up.

Back at the van I started of load of washing and unpacked the groceries. CHristy worked on her diary for a bit…

Christy working on her trip diary

and Amy snuggled in her bed reading….what a wonderful sight as I LOVE reading but she’s never really taken to it. She’s loving the book she’s reading though so I have hope.

Amy reading in bed

Around 6pm I finally got all the washing finished in the dryer (lucky we are close to the laundry as I’ve been going back and forth a bit). Nan &  Pop arrived for dinner. We’ve decided to eat here this week as we’ve got loads of room.

After dinner I printed up some photos for the girls diaries. It’s now 8pm and they have headed to bed (Christy to play her DS and Amy to read). I’m going to finish this post and play for a bit before going to bed. There is a hail/wind storm predicted for tonight and I’ve just started to hear some thunder. Shouldn’t be as noisy at it was night hopefully.

Oh, just discovered my bed has an electric blanket – yummy!

4 thoughts on “Western Australia – Day 17

  1. Look’s like you have been having a great holiday Libby! I hope you enjoy the rest. What has been your favorite part so far?

    Thanks for keping us all posted with pictures.

    Take Care,

    Paige x

  2. Hi Paige,

    Now that is a hard question to answer. Loved Broome, Exmouth and Monkey Mia and could easily go back to them all. All 3 are beautiful spots, esp. if you love the water. I’m guessing Exmouth would be my fav. The reef is gorgeous and we had 3 very special days there – without even seeing the whalesharks.


  3. I just CANNOT get over the stunning photographs you are posting! AND that you’re on day 16 of your trip. What an experience for your family, how amazing.

  4. Hi Libby, I’ve just been catching up on your blog – something I haven’t done for a little while as I have been so time poor. Wow you are in my neck of the woods – I’m about a 15 minute drive from where you are staying in Forrestfield.

    I’m just so sorry we haven’t turned on the weather for you. I looked outside our office yesterday in West Perth and it looked like a ski field after the hail storm.

    If you’d love a nice devonshire tea or lovely cake and coffee, head up Hale road a few hundred metres and stop in at Dawson’s Garden Centre. They do a nice lunch too and such pretty surroundings – I recommend it. The cafe is actually located in the old (yes old) Dawson Homestead. I’m sure you’ve got some exciting things planned while you are in Perth – I hope you find our little city welcoming and enjoy your stay.



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