Western Australia – Day 18


Awake around 5.30am. Was cold so stayed in bed with the electric blanket one (we’re having trouble with the air con – it blows hot for a while then starts to blow cold air!!!). Read blogs – still VERY far behind and 1000+ in Google Reader.

I got up around 7am and got organised for day, then read blogs until Nan & Pop came around about 9am. We set out for Perth City. Took us a while to find a car park but eventually we did and had a look around the mall. The rain was on and off all day but luckily we seemed to avoid being caught in it. We went to Myer – Nan wanted to buy Amy a dress for an upcoming family wedding. We did this, got some bed socks for the girls (they hadn’t bothered to pack their’s at home) and visited the information center.



After waiting for service in the shoe department for a few minutes we were directed to this sign – we’re obviously in the big smoke.


We had a lovely lunch – I had the most delicious pumpkin, potato and zucchini soup. I managed about 2/3 and a couple of bites of bread.



Christy decided she was going to be an orphan and do everything by herself. This included buying her own head bands…


and eating lunch by herself…


When I asked did this mean she was going to clean her own toilet, she quickly told me I could help with things like that – so kind!

Then a highlight – I visit to our first CROC shop. We’d actually never seen one before and were very excited when we spotted it as we drove into town.


No, we didn’t buy the giant croc!


So much fun. We all love Crocs and I pretty much live in them year round (after having heal spurs a few years back I always wear shoes even around the house). I got 3 pairs, Amy 2, and Christy 1 (she had just gotten some before our holiday). Even Nan bought 2 pairs.

Here are my three pairs – such nice styles now – which I’d ones this like this when I had to live in the original chunky style crocs for nearly 2 years.


Back to the car and down to the wharf for a cruise on the Swan River. This was nice and relaxing and a good way to see some of Perth.





I was sad to see this live-export ship for obvious reasons – even though we couldn’t work out what it was at first.  (I won’t go into that in this post but I did post about it back in 2007).


Christy had fun making friends with the staff and helping them put away the life jackets. She was also invited to go see the Captain.


Back at the wharf we were going to visit the Bell Tower but it had already closed for the day.


We went on The Wheel which the girls loved and was a nice way to end the day.



After getting a little lost leaving Perth (even with the GPS) we got back to the cabin around 6pm. Nan & Pop went back to their van for dinner. We ate ours then I spent a few hours printing more photos for the girls albums – they are up-to-date now. By 9pm we were done and everyone headed for bed. I’m just typing up this blog and will post once the photos have finished uploading to flickr.

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  1. Hi there,
    Interesting that you saw a live export ship. I am currently managing a blog about live exports and was wondering if you would like to contribute to it by writting about what you saw and your perspective on live exports. Let me know what you think.

    Best wishes,



  2. Wow, you guys travel around and see so much and I love coming on your trips with you!!!!

    Can I ask what you are using to print the girls pics – did you bring your big printer or do you have a small portable printer?

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