Western Australia – Day 20


A very slow start to the morning. Pop had to take the car in for a service and didn’t end up getting back until about 11am. I woke about 6.30am, eventually got up and dressed and spent most of morning trying to upload photos to flickr  – with limited success.

Finally when he got back we headed off to Fremantle again to go the leisure center. When we arrived we discovered that the water slides were not operating. So annoyed that didn’t think to mention that in the Winter kids fun booklet that we had. Of course, the girls were pretty devastated – esp. considering we had just driven an hour to get here. They decided to still have a swim and an enjoyable hour playing in the water.




The slide area did look lots of fun.


We got them out and dressed and drove into Fremantle city center. First priority was lunch. Nan spotted the Culley’s Tea Room.



Since they serve award winning pies, that’s what we all had. My veggie one was rather yummy.


Christy enjoyed her buttered bread so much she had seconds.


After are bellies were a bit fuller we had a wonder around some shops – I got a couple of tops at Sussans and Myer. Then at 3.45 we went to the movies to see Hannah Montana.


We all enjoyed it. Pretty predictable but still very funny. Not sure what it says about my sense of humour J

Time to drive back home. If we ever come to Perth again we’ve decided we’d stay in Fremantle as that’s where we’ve spent most of our time, and we love the town. Another late night arriving back just before 7pm. Time for some dinner, blog writing and hopefully uploading flickr photos.