Western Australia – Day 21


Well, it’s here finally. The last day of our holiday. Can’t believe we’ve been away for 3 weeks – we have seen and done so much.

The usual morning routine, except we all slept in till nearly 7am. Nan & Pop picked us up about 9.15am and we headed for Kings Park. Christy wasn’t feeling the best but she was okay so we went for a stroll around the gardens. It’s a beautiful location overlooking the river and the city.





We had a look around the very exclusive gift shop. Lots of lovely things but VERY expensive. The girls did buy some doodle notebooks which they love.

From here we drove to the play area, where we first had lunch at the cafe. Yummy minestrone soup today as it was cool in the shade.


The girls then spend an hour or so playing in the fantastic play area. We enjoyed sitting in the sun watching them.


We head back to the cabin around 2pm and I spent a bit of time starting to organize our bags.

About 3.15 my blogging friend, Ailsa and her girls arrived at our cabin. She was lovely and friendly, and it was great to get to meet her in real life. She drove us all to a local play center and the girls played while we chatted and enjoyed some afternoon tea.



We left when it closed at 5pm and came to back to the van park where the girls played a bit more on the play equipment until it got too dark and cold.


I was sad to say goodbye to Ailsa. We got on well, as tends to be the case with people you get to know through their blogs. Hopefully we will meet again one day. Thanks Ailsa for meeting us – I know it was a big step for you :-).

Libby & Ailsa

Time for a last dinner with Nan & Pop, while I uploading some of her photos to snapfish (for my scrapbook). Christy wasn’t feeling well and feel asleep at 7pm after I’d given her some panadol. Poor little thing, hope she feels better in the morning.

3 thoughts on “Western Australia – Day 21

  1. What a great journey, thanks for sharing your holiday, Libby! I hope Christy feels better and travels okay.


  2. Hope you guys made it home safely, what memories were created for your family and girls especially! And how fun you got to meet a fellow blogger while you were away too.

    Good luck getting settled back in at home, that’s always the toughest part for me after a trip.

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