Eating healthy & Green Smoothie Video

Green smoothie

Now that I’m back from holidays and settling into routine I’ve started to get back into healthy eating. I need to drop a few kg to fit back into last Summers clothes :-). As part of my recommitment to healthy eating I’ve been trying to make some new things. Just this week I have made a green smoothie and breakfast cookie (thanks Alison – loved it). Actually Alison has been a big inspiration for me – I also made the banana whip I saw on her blog and she reminded me of I made some low fat/sugar choc muffin – but no-one really liked them. I also made a pumpkin & red lentil lasagne – which was yummy, and I’ve been experimenting with food a lot more. The only downside of healthy eating – a VERY FULL fridge.

A healthy fridge is a full fridge

I’m really quite rapt with my green smoothie so I thought I’d put a quick video together for you guys. I really am amazed at how nice they are – even Kevin like it.

My recipe is :

1/2 cup organic low-fat milk

Large handful spinach

1/2 Tbs ground flaxseeds

1 Tbs unflavoured protein powder

Approx. 1/2 mango

** If you make it, or another version, please let me know what you think. So good – gives you a serve of fruit, veg, diary and protein!!

A lot of people add banana, I’m thinking of trying tinned peaches & pineapple.

3 thoughts on “Eating healthy & Green Smoothie Video

  1. LOVED your green smoothie video! The special effects were so fun too!

    Thanks for your sweet words, I’m so glad you liked the breakfast cookie and tried banana whip too!

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