A Day in My Life – August

For those of you paying attention you’ll notice that I missed doing this the last few months. In June I was too sick to care, and really not doing anything beside lying on the couch watching TV and last month we were on holiday in Western Australia. And guess what? It’s not the 14th! I forgot all about it on Friday but didn’t want to miss another month.

Today I woke up about 5.45am after a rather fitful nights sleep. I decided to get up and take the dogs for a walk. It was a surprisingly mild morning and it’s nice being light enough to walk early again. We did our normal circuit out by the the lake and returned home before the sun had even come up over the horizon.

Morning walk by the lake

Then it was time for some proper exercise. I did some Red Carpet Ready exercise – focusing on legs as I plan to do upper body at the gym tomorrow.


Rather hot and sweaty at the end.

Post exercise glow

The kids wanted breakfast but I wasn’t ready to eat yet. I made Christy some french toast and had a protein shake (no green smoothie today as I’m out of spinach 🙁 ).

Cooking french toast


I get the dishwasher unpacked and help the girls get organised for school. We’re running on time and they decide they want to put their Summer bedding on their beds. I’m thinking it’s still a bit early but oblige them anyway.

Next up we ride to school and I return home. Since I haven’t yet been on the computer I decide to have some “food” while reading email and checking some blogs. I set the time for 20mins to remind to get up and get on with cleaning the house.

Morning snack

I do manage to drag myself away and put some a flylady podcast to listen to while I clean. It ends up being a bit of big job today as I decided to put our lounge room in Summer configeration (no heater) as we’re getting our carpets cleaned on Wednesday. I stop for a break every hour to recharge, and finally get all done by 12.30pm. I have to say I am exhausted and rather happy to jump in the shower and freshen up.


1pm and I am rather hungry. I make a yummy salad for lunch – todays features pineapple, corn, cheese and goji berries. I know it’s bad to sit at the computer to eat but I’m too tired to care at this point.

Salad for lunch

I managed to get a bit of menu planning done

Menu planning

then played on the computer until 2.40pm. I was ready to head back to school to collect the girls when I suddenly remembered it was Muffin Tin Monday and they would be expecting them. I quickly through something together and headed out the door. As I went down the driveway I discovered Mum & Dad had just arrived back from their 9 week trip around Australia. I said a quick hello and rode to the school, met the girls and rode back home. Had a chat with Mum & Dad while they got the van into position (made more difficult because Christy had moved the key that allows the front gates to open more than normal). Eventually they got in and came up to see the dogs. I’ve been doing lots of training with the dogs lately so made sure I gave Mum lots of instructions on what to do if they jumped up on her. I think she was impressed with how much calmer they are.

It was a bit of an odd afternoon. The girls had the muffin tins while I was chatting to Mum & Dad, then I had to race Amy to drama, come back and pick up Christy. I was starving by now so made a quick snack (which I had in the car) and a cup of tea.

Afternoon snack

I drove Christy to cheerleading,


then went to the local supermarket to get some groceries and the bakery to get some bread. Packed the bags into the car


then off to collect Christy. At the same time Amy was being picked up by Mum & Dad and taken to dancing (Kevin normally does this but had a meeting in Sydney).

Back home and time to unpack the groceries, organise the dogs dinner and our dinner (which I had taken from the freezer earlier).

Christy organising the dogs dinner

Christy helped me make a healthy breakfast cookie for tomorrow.

Christy helping make the breakfast cookie

Breakfast cookie

Then it was back out the door again to pick up Amy from dancing. Back home (Monday is our crazy day) I was very glad to be able to put on my PJs and eat my dinner. Amy wasn’t feeling very and didn’t want hers so I ate mine while watching TV.

Dinner in front of TV

Not much was on so we watched Big Medicine – luckily it was an episode we hadn’t seen before. Christy went to bed at 8pm and I sent Amy up just before 8.30pm because she was asleep on the lounge. It did indeed turn cold again late in the day so I had to drag the quilts back out to put on the girls beds :-).

Sleeping dogs

I made myself a cup of tea and followed not long after. So now it’s just me and the dogs and my laptop in bed.

5 thoughts on “A Day in My Life – August

  1. Hi there Libby,
    -glad you are back posting in your ‘day in my life’ series. It is always motivating for me to see how much you get done on a daily basis.


  2. That was so fun to read! Three cheers for the breakfast cookies! And reusable bags, exercise, healthy meals and tired out kids too. 😉

  3. I am so hungry right now and all that yummy food has me headed to my kitchen after I type this………you get so much done everyday, you are amazing…..i recognize that picture on your computer btw 🙂 Christy looks so cute in her cheer outfit

  4. Yes I like reading these Libby – I’m glad you did it again 🙂 You’re a busy lady.

    I wish I had a dog to cuddle in bed! I’m thinking of changing around our spare room tonight.

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