Wedding Weekend – Part 1


We had such a great weekend and I have LOTS of photos to share with you – so I’m going to break it up into a couple of posts.

The weekend started with the girls and I going to the hairdressers on Saturday morning for a cut and style. I have only ever had my hair styled for my wedding & when I was a bridesmaid so it was a fun treat, especially now that my hair is long enough to actually do something fun with. I went with the hairdressers suggestion of curls and to the side. Kevin said I looked windswept :-). I think it probably looked nicer yesterday when I just wore it down but it was fun to have different as well. Amy also had her hair curled – but more loosely, and Christy had some braids.

Okay, hair done we finished packing and headed off to Sydney. We stayed in the Meriton Apartments. They were lovely but the lift service was pathetic.





After checking in and having some afternoon tea, Mum & Dad arrived (they are staying in the apartment next to ours). Kevin & I then took off to do a bit of shopping. First stop won’t surprise regular readers – Haigh’s chocolate shop.


We then went to Dymocks where I got a few travel books and then the David Jones Food Court (to buy some nice tea bags) and some very yummy organic biscuits (but at $1.20 a biscuit these won’t become a regular purchase).Yes, I know they’re meant for kids but nearly all the organic biscuits I find are!


IMG_1284 IMG_1285

Then it was back to the apartment to get ready for my cousin’s wedding. Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will know I was very excited to buy this dress a few weeks ago. I got loads of compliments on the night – I think everyone was surprised to see me all dressed up :-), not to mention Kevin – who hasn’t worn a suit since our own wedding.


And a close up of the back of my hair.


With my two princesses.

Libby & Amy

Libby & Christy

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  1. You all look lovely! The appartment looked nice too.

    I could have almost said hello to you Libby – I was in David Jones food hall on Saturday also – and it was the first time I ever went there!

    What did you buy from Haigs?

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