Wedding Weekend – Part 2

With Chris & Mel

At 5.30pm we set off for the Queen Victoria Building, where the wedding was to be held in the Tea Rooms.

The Queen Victoria Building

Mel (the bride) was just radiant as she walked down the aisle. I loved her dress and it was just what I’d pictured her wearing.

The bride, Mel & her Mum

The wedding service was beautiful. They had written the vows themselves which made it extra special. And I just love this photo of my cousin Chris  – he just looks sooo happy (as you should do on your wedding day).

Mr & Mrs Black

After the ceremony we chatted with family while enjoying some canape’s. Christy had fun blowing bubbles.

Christy blowing bubbles

Then it was time to be seated at our table. Unfortunately we weren’t with my parents, or anyone that we knew well, but I do understand how difficult table seating can be for events like this. We still had a great time. The table was beautifully set.

Our table


My meals comprised a vegetable salad for entree – it was nice, but cold, and I didn’t eat much as I wanted to leave room for the main course. So glad I did becuase my main course – a corn rissoto – was to die for.

Salad for starters

My vegetarian dinner - delicious

Here’s a photo of us at the table.

Libby & kevin

And one of my Mum & Dad… we never did get one taken together.

Mum & Dad

After speeches and cutting of the cake, there was dancing. Later Kevin told me was thinking about asking me to dance (we haven’t danced since our own wedding) but he never did. Not sure if I would have wanted to anyway as I still have issues with people watching me. Maybe next time I’ll give it a go.

ready to cut the cake

The cake is apparently a French wedding cake and it was served as desert – oh, so delicious.

Wedding cake for desert

Amy managed to miss a good part of the wedding, having fallen asleep shortly after her dinner was eaten. My girl is definitely no party animal.

My party animal

Christy started to complain of being tired around 10.30pm so we said our goodbyes and were lucky enough to get a photo with Chris and Mel before we left. I also got one with my beautiful cousin, Tara.

Libby & Tara

Then it was a short walk back to our apartment where the girls fell into bed. I had a cup of tea and read for a little before it was lights out for me as well. It was a fantastic wedding and certainly a night we will remember for a long time.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend – Part 2

  1. You all look beautiful and your hair looks fab.

    I can’t believe that you guys have not danced since your wedding…Libby, you got to get out there and get your groove on!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow Libby! What a lovely bride and a good looking family you have!!

    I have never heard of anyone getting married in the QVB before.

    I feel the same about dancing… I guess I will have to at my wedding…LOL

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