Happy Birthday Christy

Wow, it seems like just yesterday Christy was born…

christy as a newborn

…and was small enough to fit in a sink…

Small enough to fit in the sink

Boy those 8 years have gone by fast. Too fast.

She was so excited this morning to wake up and open her presents.


Esp, when she opened her last present – a DSI. She has been asking for one (since she lost the one she had) but we kept saying we wouldn’t buy her another one & she had to make do with her DS. Anyway, Daddy is a big softie and bought her one for her birthday. She was so suprised.


She went off to school with a cake to share with her classmates – homemade, which you can’t half tell – the icing just didn’t turn out right and Christy did the decorating :-).


After school we’re having a tea party with a couple of her friends. Her main “party” this year with going to Sydney Olympic Aquatic Center with the Powells on Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Christy

  1. I thought that was Christy in the first photo (holding the baby), not Amy! I never thought they looked that much alike, but boy, they do there!! I hope she had a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday to Christie! My youngest was born in September too. I love the kid’s birthdays so much, it’s so special to me to remember the day of their birth. I just love it.

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