Christy’s Tea Party


Sorry I didn’t get back yesterday to do a post on Christy’s tea party but I had a lovely lazy day pottering around – taking the dogs to training, watching the girls in the pool and scrapbooking (yes, I managed to spend quite a few hours yesterday in the scrapbook room and got my holiday/trip album 99% complete – just have a few odd pages to finish off).

Christy’s party was a great success. It was small and low key with just 2 school friends and the 3 Powell girls, plus Nan & Pop, and Leanne.

While the food was still heating the girls played pass-the-parcel. It doesn’t seem a party is real without it – not to my girls anyway.


The girls seemed excited to have a properly set table, complete with my good China and were thrilled when I offered them “tea” (orange cordial) which I poured from a tea pot.


There were teapot & teacup chocolate and teapot cookies and pink cupcakes.


Of course, Christy doesn’t eat much REAL food so she had a Cheese roll.



As tends to be the case I got a bit carried away with the baking and we have quite a lot of leftovers (which we’ll take to share at the pool today). After eating they played with bubbles outside and played hide and seek.



Eventually we got them back inside to open Christy’s presents


and blow out candles the cake. I didn’t manage a good photo of this as I was trying to video and take photos at the same time. I got so caught up in it all I didn’t even realize she hadn’t cut the cake :-).


The cake turned out beautiful – and was oh, so yummy. My first chocolate layer cake!!

Then it was time to say goodbye to the school friends. The Powells stayed a bit longer, until poor Alyssa – who hadn’t been feeling well the whole party – finally got so sick Leanne had to take them home. At least we’ll get to celebrate with her today – Christy and Alyssa are just 2 peas in a pod. I find it amazing that our daughters really are such great friends  – probably because I never really took that well to my Mum’s friends kids (though we were friendly).

Anyway, after my restful day yesterday I’m looking to a fun-filled day at the pool. It’s supposed to be VERY hot here today (like it was yesterday) but we’re headed to an indoor pool :-).

5 thoughts on “Christy’s Tea Party

  1. A great idea for a party. My Lily would LOVE a tea party for her birthday (she is 8 next May), so I’ll keep it in mind. The girls looked like they had lots of fun and Christy looks beautiful in her party dress. Your baby is growing up fast, that’s for sure!

  2. Oh Libby – what a wonderful job you did! I love the cordial for tea idea. The cake does sounds very yum! Happy Birthday to Christy!

    The day at the pool sounded fab too – Awesome weekends all round this weekend! 🙂

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