A Day in my Life – 16th September

** Please note most of todays photos were taken with the i-phone – Amy took the camera to school.

I woke this morning at 5.30am when Bailey came up on the bed for a cuddle. Rosie was already at the bottom of bed. Rosie usually get the cuddle spot so it was nice to snuggle with Bailey for a change.

I got up and dressed and took the dogs on a walk down by the lake. We were too early for the sunrise but I’m enjoying our early morning walks again – so much better than later in the day.

Morning walk by the lake

Amy was doing some writing and watching TV when I got back.


I drank some water while waiting for the kettle to boil.


I opened the curtains (the only ones that still get closed) and got the dogs some fresh water.


Then it was computer time until 7am. I did a few more jobs like emptying the dishwasher. Christy was now awake so I made us breakfast. This morning I’m having a cheese & hummus sandwich – with sprouts I sprouted myself).


Another photo of my VERY strange dog.


Upstairs I was most impressed (and surprised) to find Kevin had made our bed.


And a quick view from our window of the new house that is almost finished.


I made Christy’s bed and laid out her uniform.


Then it was time to shower and get dressed. I put on a load of washing and tidied the kitchen. Amy headed off to school on her scooter. Christy had been going to ride but we couldn’t find her bike helmet so I drove her to school, then headed to the local shopping center. Couldn’t believe it when I scored a spot right by the door – it doesn’t bother me to park further away but I wasn’t going to say no to this spot :-).


First stop was the bank to deposit some coins my Dad had collected for the girls.


Then the jewellers to pick up Amy’s watch that was being repaired (a girl in her class had deliberately stood on it – luckily it only cost $4 to get fixed).


A quick stop in the supermarket – really shouldn’t have gone it as some chocolate made it’s way into my basket :-(, then the bakery for some fresh rolls. Really must get back to trying to find the perfect home-made bread recipe.


As I drive back home it looks to be getting more overcast and like it might rain soon. Who knows? We’ve been having such crazy weather you just never know what you’ll get from one day to the next.

At home I am greeted by the dogs (who get locked in a room whenever I go out so they don’t destroy anything). I unpacked the few things I had and sit down with a cup of tea (and the half of my breakfast I didn’t eat earlier).


After a break the clothes are ready to be hung out, but it’s just starting to sprinkle so I put them on the portable line undercover.


Then it’s time to get on with today Flylady mission – the bathroom vanity’s.

IMG_0333 IMG_0334

Didn’t really take too long to do them (I didn’t need to do mine as it was done a few weeks ago) – so just the girls vanity and the downstairs one – which stores not only tissues and toilet paper, but printer paper and candles!


This led to putting candles in the kitchen and reorganising my tea/baking cupboard (where the kitchen candles are stored).


Then a quick tidy of the pantry and fridge. And my work is (mostly) done for the day. I try and keep myself doing jobs until 12pm, then have lunch and a bit of free time before the kids finish school. Bailey is the strangest dog and can often be found lying like this.


Of course I had to give him pat, then Rosie joined us and they ended up like this…


While I had lunch (Monday night leftovers – yum) while reading blogs….


and ordering some things online – I just had to have these cute little pokka dot bowls.


the dogs took a nap….


At 1pm I worked on i-movie – making the video of our Western Australia trip. It’s taking a while but will be worth it when it’s finished.

At 3pm I drove up to school – lucky Christy didn’t ride as it’s turned VERY cold outside. I wait for her for around 15mins then drove up closer to the school (she is supposed to walk up and meet me). Apparantly she had been playing with a friend. So after she got in trouble and spoke back to me, she had to spend 8 mins on the step when we got home – not a great start to the afternoon. Amy has gone to play at a friends and we’ll pick her up on the way to swimming.

Now feeling rather stressed I made another cup of tea, which I enjoyed with some of that chocolate I mentioned earlier – must have know I’d be in need when I bought it :-). When I went to bring the birds back indoors I spotted Christy’s bike helmet out by the pool – the same one she most definitely left hanging on her bike!!!! We had been going to go get her a new one after school but didn’t because of her mood – lucky!

I enjoyed my cup of tea and spent the next or so playing on the computer, in amongst doing jobs like cooking black beans for the dogs dinner. At 5.30pm I got Christy organised for swimming lessons and we left to get Amy on the way.


I enjoyed another cup of tea (bought from home) and read blogs while the girls swam. When Christy’s lesson finished at 6.30pm I helped her shower and get dressed (into pjs) and waited for Amy’s lesson to finish at 6.45pm. Then it was time to head home. A quick change into my pjs. No-one else wanted dinner (Kevin had already eaten) so I got dinner – leftover burrito bowl from last night. The girls went off to play a new computer game so Kevin & I got to watch some True Blood Season 2. Time for ANOTHER cup of tea (and some more chocolate).

IMG_0351 IMG_0352

I put Christy to bed at 8.30pm and the rest of us headed there about 9.15pm. I had just a few chapters of my book to finish and did so around 10pm.

3 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – 16th September

  1. These posts are so much fun to read – especially I think because you only do them once a month. It feels like a treat!

    I love how busy stay at home mom’s are – you just don’t really know it until you live it! When people ask “what do you do all day?” I just want to shout “All moms are working moms!”

  2. Love the view of your day Libby. It seems like it was quite productive.

    Sorry to hear Christy spoke back – I’ve been having that trouble with B lately too. He has been “treat-less” for 3 days after being rude to his drama teacher on Tuesday – the punishment has finished now but hopefully that will nip it in the bud!

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