Spring Clean – My Desk

I seen to be on a bit of a Spring Clean at the moment. Sunday was the scrapbook room, Wednesday my desk, and yesterday & today our outdoor area (esp. necessary after the dust storm) – post coming soon!


Desk before


Desk after

This desk is in the kitchen, and where I spend a few hours each day so it’s good if it’s neat and tidy. The white Making Memories desk organiser I stole from my scrapbook desk (so need to buy something else for in there). I’m sure you’ve also notice my new computer – loving it!!! I removed my inspiration board¬† – I love it – but I think it makes the desk look messier. I also got rid of a whole tub of cords and stuff of Kevin’s :-), and moved some books upstairs. Oh, I found the two lights for our rangehood (so Kevin finally got me some bulbs and I now have light for cooking again) and I found a recipe book I had misplaced (but had thankfully¬† procastinated buying again).

Desk after

I still need to go through the drawers – but that can wait for another day.

3 thoughts on “Spring Clean – My Desk

  1. Good work! Such a huge difference! I can hardly see my sewing desk or normal desk at the moment.

    Trying to be organised but there is an exciting camera to be played with and I just can’t help myself!

    Have a great weekend Libby x

  2. Oh my gosh Libby these spring cleaning posts are just so motivating, keep’em coming! I love it. I feel a huge sense of relief just looking at YOUR before and after pics. I want the same spaces in my home as well. Thanks for these posts!

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