Nude lunches

Thought that might get your attention. But I’m not talking about eating lunch in the nude but serving lunch nude. No, not IN the nude – in other words, without throw away packaging.

My girls have had containers for lunch since the year dot but I still got VERY excited when I saw these nude food movers in the shops.



I’ll be buying the insulated bags as I soon as I see them in the stores. The girls find these to be the best of ALL the lunch containers they have. There is a compartment for a sandwich, two for snacks and two more for wet/messy snacks. There are a few removable dividers which gives even more lunchtime flexibility.



7 thoughts on “Nude lunches

  1. I got so excited about this I actually showed my husband! I wonder if I could find one of those here… it would be perfect for my youngest (who is picky as anything and I swear I have to present everything nicely for him to take interest).

    Thanks for sharing this – very cool!

  2. Hi Gretchen,

    I originally had laptop lunchboxes for my girls (I know you can get those in the States) – they aren’t as good or as big but might be a good option for you.


  3. Hi Libby, can I pinch your photos of the containers for my blog? I managed to get some today, but the girls ripped off the wrapping before I could get a photo. Thanks!

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