Kiama – Part 3


On our last day the weather got crazy – it was WINNNNNDY and freezing cold.

Wild seas

We decided to go visit the Kiama blowhole…Oh, my gosh, we nearly got blown away…

[flickr video=3996658862]

Very windy at the blowhole

Getting blown away

Kiama Blowhole

After this we headed to the nearby cafe where we were in desperate need of hot chocolates….

Hot Chocolate

and some yummy lunch…


We visited the museum (which was wonderful – we’d never been before but will definitely come back) . The girls were interested in the local history and learning about Daisy the Cow – who we always look for when driving down the main street (they had photo taken with her last year).


Later in the afternoon, when the wind had died down somewhat we headed out the headland to see the wild seas in action.

[flickr video=3994344327]

Wild seas at kiama

Wild seas at kiama

We sat and watched until we got too cold….

Christy & Libby

Then headed back through the paddock…


and having fun with our shadows….



Then it was time to think about heading home…. we had planned to stay until Sunday but with the weather and Kevin wanting to spend some time with us before he heads to the States we decided to go home a little early.


So while the week wasn’t quite what we’d planned – playing in the sand and water – we still had a great time and have come relaxed and with some new fun memories.

4 thoughts on “Kiama – Part 3

  1. Hey Libby,

    Thanks for the garden advice. Your trip looks superb. What a wonderful way to get outdoors for some nature exploring with the kids. And that hot chocolate had my mouth watering too. mmmm. Talk to you soon. Meagan.

  2. Looks like a great time Libby – I haven’t been to Kiama for years! We are heading camping the weekend after our anniversary celebration at Salt. We’re heading with Zachary over to Stradbroke Island for Zach’s 3rd birthday – can’t wait!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog too 🙂

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