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Desk organisation

Keeping my home organised and running smoothly is still a work in progress after all these years and I believe it’s something you need to keep tweaking. One of the main things that helps me is having a command center on my desk. I recently stole this white Making Memories stand from my scrapbook room and it is working fantastic. As you can see I can keep any gift vochures here, bills to be paid are in the middle section and other things to be reference in the back. I love it. Everything is there and it stays neat and tidy.

Beside this you will find my household notebook and, at this time of year, my Christmas Notebook.

Household notebook

The household notebook contains my current daily/monthly routines (which need to be revamped again), notes about kids activities, menu info, pet info, etc.

Christmas Notebook

The Christmas notebook is obviously where I keep notes about Christmas :-).

You may also have noticed a file beside these in which I am putting ANYTHING to do with our UK travel plans.


Underneath my desk you will find a file box for all those extra things (bills have their own folder in my desk drawer) – craft ideas and anything that needs to be kept for whatever reason. There really isn’t a lot in here at the moment.

Finally I’d just like to share with you my 3 favourite home organisation books – which I am in the process of reading through YET AGAIN.

Favourite organising book

Houseworks: Cut the Clutter, Speed Your Cleaning and Calm the Chaos

You also gets loads on info and printouts on her website Organized Home and Organized Christmas.


Sink Reflections

Marla aka Flylady has was the one who got me started on the right path to organisation post kids.


How to be the Perfect Housewife: Lessons in the Art of Modern Household Management (Perfect House Wife)

Loved the 3 series of Perfect Housewife and love Anthea.

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  1. They are both good but Houseworks would be my favourite – lots of yummy photos :-).


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