All ready for Halloween


Thanks to a busy day cleaning and tidying I’m all ready for Halloween and our 4th Annual Halloween Party. But before the party I wanted to give you a peek at the decorating so far. These have been around the house for the last few weeks and we’ve got a few more things to go up for the party.

In the kitchen….

Kitchen table

Kitchen table

Check out the napkins that Amy & I made last weekend…

Placemat & napkins that I made

And don’t you just love my Disney dish?

Kitchen table

The loungeroom….

coffee table

Coffee table in loungeroom

Family room….


Front entry….with the great big spider web Kevin got from Pottery Barn Kids….

Front entry


Front entry

And, of course, the bathroom….

Bathroom window

Then, with cleaning out of the way, I had time to make up some cupcakes for the party tomorrow…

Halloween cupcakes


Of course, we’re going to try one each tonight….


I did make some chocolate muffins in the pumpkin molds a few days ago….but they have already been devoured :-).

Pumpkin shaped muffins


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