An amazing day

Boy, Shimelle sure can challenge us. Today we are supposed to write about one of the most amazing days in our lives. Of course, those of you who know me well know I have the world worst memory for details. Plus I feel I’ve had lots of amazing days and it’s hard to find ones that stand out besides the obvious wedding day and birth days. I had thought about writing about the day we got our first goldie or the day we arrived in Scotland and I saw my first castle. Then there are the recent amazing days that I have already blogged about – walking around Uluru and swimming with whalesharks.

But I decided on the most “cliche” amazing day – well, what I can remember anyway – my wedding day. It was rather a long time ago – nearly 17 years ago and I was just 21 years old.

Wedding Day

Okay, here’s what I can remember. It rained. We had planned to be married in the botanic gardens but had to move the location the our reception. Amazingly enough it brighened up enough to get outside for photographs.

Wedding Day

I remember being embarassed when the marriage celebrant made us kiss again – because the first one was too short!

I remember feeling like a fairy princess. It was so fun getting hair and makeup done and being fussed over the whole time.

I remember that Kevin & I declared we were doing the wedding shuffle, not the wedding dance.

I remember being made to leave the reception way before I want to.

I remember we got really sore jaws from smiling so much.

I remember not much else….so wish I written down more of the details. Such a shame I wasn’t scrapbooking back in those days.

Wedding Day - Libby & Sam

And here’s the layout to commemorate this amazing day.


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  1. Libby…I think I spend more time with you in on-line classes than I do with some of my friends IRL


    You look so young in those photos, young and happy 🙂

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