I find inspiration in a lot of different places – the web, blogs that I read, my fav. mags, nature, my kids, books, TV. They inspire me to live a better life, be a better Mum/Wife, get out there and chase my dreams, work towards my health and fitness goals, learn new skills, give ideas for blog posts and scrapbook layouts, the list goes on.

These days most of my inspiration comes from the blogs that I read – of which there are too many to mention. My favourites can be found in the side bar but today I wanted to share with you those you provide me with almost daily inspiration.

Attic 24 – Lucy not only inspired me to learn crocheting but to embrace colour and look a  life I little differently. She also inspired me to start buying flowers for myself and spreading them around my home. Love this!

The Val Blog – Valerie – of the famous Red Carpet Ready program – inspires me to believe in myself and that making health & fitness a priority in my life is very important. She was also the inspiration behind my green smoothie addiction:-).

Down to Earth – provides inspiration in living a simple life. Rhonda has helped me realize how much I love being a Mum & Wife and running our home with love.

Creative Organising – Aby always has wonderful and inspiring ideas for organising in a stylish and crafty way.

Kath Eats Real Food – Love Kath’s approach to food.  Everything is okay but moderation is key.  She’s been a big role model for me this year and an inspiration to find a way to eat that is healthy and liveable.

Lavender House – A fairly new find for me but I’m just loving this blog. So full of life and inspiring photos.

Be sure to check them out for a dose of inspiration.

Today’s layout showcases the things that I’m lovin’ right now. These things bring me happiness and quite a few were inspired by the above blogs.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Kath is a huge inspiration to me as well – she totally helped me see how eating healthy can be a normal part of life. I’ve learned so much from so many bloggers – it’s an amazing thing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

    Wow, you’ve really kept up with class. I haven’t gotten to the last 2 days emails yet and I only posted on the first days prompt.

    I love your Halloween photos and the wedding photo with the dog. Very cute. 🙂

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