When did this happen?

I’m rather confused. When I last had long hair – nearly 30 years again – my hair was DEAD straight. Not a curl to be seen anywhere.

Straight hair - 8 yrs old

Having had short hair since my mid-teens, I decided to grow it long when I started losing weight 2 years ago. It started out okay but the last month or so it’s reached a length where the bottom curls up all the time – even if I use the hair straightener. I complained to my hairdresser that I was forever putting it in a pony tail – which I think defeats the purpose of having long hair, and she suggested she cut more layers into it to bring out MORE of the curl. She did say I might need another cut or to use some product in it.

Natural curls

Natural curls

I’m not real happy with it – even the curling cream I bought yesterday only helped a little. Not sure if it’s just not what I’m used to. I’m a bit scared to get it cut more in case it’s even worse. But what I really want to know is how my hair went from straight to curly? And will it straighten out if I grow it longer?

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4 thoughts on “When did this happen?

  1. that’s rather interesting. perhaps changes? after all, it is
    30 years (:

    I had straight hair when I was young, too. but once I reached
    8 years of age, curls began to form and now, my hair is like,
    top half straight, middle portion wavy and frizzy ends.

    no, I don’t like my hair either :/

  2. That’s so funny – when I was a kid I had straight hair too. Then I hit puberty and these tight ringlets appeared and it never went away. In college I started straightening my hair with a blow dryer and that’s what I’ve done for nearly the past 10 years now. I use a blow dryer, round brush and flat iron to get rid my curls for the day! Funny how our hair can change like that.

    Oh and with salad, I usually have at least lettuce torn up and washed, sometimes other veggies but most of the time (at least recently – I’m always changing it up) I’m cutting up veggies each time. When I’m on the ball though I do have a few days worth of veggies prepped and ready to go! Makes it so easy.

  3. Ha…The same thing happened to me! I had such straight hair and it would not hold a curl to save my live. It was fine and so shinny and soft. In the 80s everyone had big hair…not me. A silky bob. One day I had a baby and then another and then one more. Now my hair is curly and sometimes even has spiral curls in it! Not on top though…it is the craziest hair ever.
    PS I didn’t have 3 babies in 3 days like it sounds haha.

  4. Maybe its the kids that send us and our hair crazy 🙂 Men lose it or go grey, woman grow curls or frizz!

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