Queensland Cruise – Day 8 – At Sea


Another VERY lazy day at sea. We woke just after 6am. I had a cup of tea while reading a few magazines. We had breakfast in Windjammers – bagels again today.

Then back to our room to read for a bit. At 10am we head to the Centrum to watch cake decorating – which was rather fun thanks to Carley, the cruise director. We got to sample the delicious black forest cake.



Then it was time for our tour of the gallery. This was so interesting. It certainly wasn’t quite what I’d expected. Just an hour after breakfast everything was calm and clear, although preparations were already underway for lunch.


IMG_3364 IMG_3361

They had lots of cute gingerbread houses ready to make a village next week (shame we’ll miss it). At the end we were given some yummy biscuits and champagne & OJ.


We visited the shops and got a few souvenirs and a new watch for me. We took our things back to the room and shortly afterwards went to lunch in the Restaurant (after having seen the lunch preparations). I had some yummy corn  fritters. We checked out the salad bar on the way out and will be coming back for that on Monday (we would have come for this earlier if we’d known it was on offer).

I spent the afternoon hanging out on the balcony. After a  short time lying in the sun I moved to the shade and finished off my book. Kevin read and had a nap.

Around 5pm I showered and got ready for formal night.


Another delicious dinner – mushrooms in pastry and tofu & stir-fried veggies.



Kevin had his nightly treat and has now collected all 5 coloured shot glasses.


After dinner we went to pick up my watch. We decided to skip tonights show and do some more reading. After all it’s been a rather hard day :-).

And finally, because I know you’re waiting desperately to see tonights towel animal…


Awe, so cute – makes me miss my little chickies back home.

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  1. You guys should be totally relaxed by the time you get home!!! Just what you’d hope after a cruise. 🙂 You get to do some really neat stuff. Thanks for taking the time to blog about it Libby – I’m really enjoying following your trip. 🙂

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