Christmas Home Tour 2009


Not very much has changed since last year but there are a few new additions. Be sure to drop by the nester and check out her home and some of the others – lots of wonderful inspiration. Hope you enjoy my slide show. Music is A Christmas to Remember by Amy Grant.


  1. Lightening says:

    That was AWESOME Libby!!!! What a great way to present it. 🙂 What program did you use to make that clip? I’d love to make something like that. Oh, love the song too. Haven’t heard that one!

  2. Cate says:

    Hi Libby,

    thanks so much for visiting my blog. I’m actually an Australian girl myself (have lived in NZ for the past 10 1/2 years) – so it was lovely to hear from another Aussie!

    Your slideshow is awesome & your home just lovely. Ditto to what Lightening said – would love to hear how you put it together.

    Will be back to visit again 🙂

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