Christmas Traditions


One of our new traditiosn Рwe only started it last year Рis taking the girls to have Santa photos and then going out for breakfast Рsomething we never normally do, except maybe  on holidays.

First stop was meeting the big guy. We went to Myer this year (the line already too long in DJs) and he was great. Spent lots of time with the girls, even though a line was forming behind us.



Then the girls got to select an ornament each (and I bought a new wreath for our front door – rats had eaten much of the current one). We then had breakfast out at a cafe. It was nearly 11am by now so I was glad to be eating breakfast :-).

On our way back to the car we walked by the lolly department and everyone chose something – okay I chose more than one thing :-). I had to laugh when I saw Kevin sitting down right in front of the chocolate display – why they have a seat there I don’t know – unless it takes people a long time to make their selections.


One last stop Рthe big Christmas shop to get some new lights for  our tree (I accidently vacuumed the cord up last week and it was wrecked during extraction).


We loved these reindeers but at $290 a go we decided to leave them in the shop. The kids couldn’t understand why….


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