A day in my Life – December

Okay, I really didn’t forget to do this on the 14th. I was up early and had been on a walk with the dogs, started taking photos, when at 7am I got a phone call from my best friend Leanne to tell me that her 9 year old daughter Sarah had been in a terrible accident and it was still unsure whether she would survive. As you can imagine my day was then spent crying, feeling sick and worrying. I did go about my day in a fairly normal fashion – getting my cleaning done – but I was definitely not up to taking photos or sharing the day with you all. All week the news has been good and as of yesterday Sarah will coming home on the weekend – absolutely amazing her doctors with her recovery, and the fact she has no serious problems.

So I thought I’d document today, Friday 18th for the day in the my life. I woke up at 6am got dressed and headed out on a walk with the dogs. I did forget the camera, which was lucky, as it started raining half way through our walk and we all came home rather wet.

Amy was waiting when I got home to try a Zumba workout DVD. It was rather fun and I think it’s something we’ll enjoy.


Time for a cup of tea and a banana goji muffin as I was feeling hungry. I love using my Christmas mug from Gloria Jeans. Catch up on e-mails and google reader.


About 8.30am I went up for my shower and to tidy the bedrooms. I made Christy some french toast for breakfast. I had rice cakes with hummus and cheese. After breakfast I made some gingerbread muffins – new recipe so I hope they turn out. Just I finished I had a phone call from Leanne to say that Sarah was getting out of hospital either tonight or tomorrow. We had a nice chat and she updated me on Sarah’s amazing progress- so very different to Mondays phone call.


I tidied the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher as we talked. Time for another cup of tea.


I then got the girls to come and help me wrap up the handful of presents we give to family and friends. Amy did the gift labels, Christy passed the sticky tape and I wrapped.


Christy spent the whole day in her nightie. Oh, well, it was a good day for it.


I received my order from Polka Dot Cottage. You might remember the Summer necklace I ordered from her. When I saw Lisa had made some Christmas ones I just had to get one.


I then spent about half an hour finishing off our cruise scrapbook album. I’m pleased how it turned out – I used an 8x 8 albums and 2x3inch photos.


While working I could see Christy out the window talking the man who was installing our new gates (to stop the dogs from getting out the front gates). No doubt about Christy – she talks to EVERYONE!


Amy was just asking about lunch when my stomach hit emptied so that was good timing. She had leftover pumpkin canneloni from last night, Christy had french toast and I had some brown rice with Taco seasoned TVP and some tomato and sour cream. Yum! Much as I love salad on a cold, drizzly day like today I much prefer something warm.


I also took the vitamins I forgot to take this morning.


I tidied the kitchen again and got ready to head out for an appointment at the skin clinic. It was my very first skin check and he told me I was obviously careful in the sun as my skin was great for my age. And everything checked out fine so that was good.


I then stopped in at Aldi for a bit of stock up on food for the dogs and a few other things – like my most favourite hummus!


Back home and I got the groceries unpacked and had a cup of tea and some of said hummus on rice crackers. I enjoyed this while working on this post. I know I should have some fruit (have had zero today) but it’s just too cold.

Amy and I started work on a Christmas jigsaw (it was our fun activity for the day but Christy didn’t want to do it – having done a puzzle earlier in the day). I had another cup of tea and finally tried one of the gingerbread muffins – delicious (I’ll try and share the recipe in the next day or two).


Kevin arrived home just after 4pm and we got organised to head out to a movie. And the girls headed next door for dinner.


We went to see The Invention of Lying.  I hadn’t even heard of the movie but the preview looked pretty good and I like Jennifer Garner. The movie was really good and we both enjoyed it.


Afterwards we stopped in at subway to pick up some dinner. Kevin said he’d had Subway a few times this weeks already but was happy to have a salad for a change. I got my usually veggie patty wrap.


Back home, the kids were already home and playing on the computer. We got changed into our jammies (winter ones tonight as it’s so cold) and settled down to watch Crusoe while eating our dinner.


At 9.30pm we headed to bed and I painted my nails before doing a little reading.


  1. jody says:

    So glad that Sarah is going to be OK but as a Mum my heart skips a beat or two when there is ever anything happening to a child (does not have to be my child) so that is good news indeed.

    Now, I will need to see INSIDE that criuse album Libby, so a photo or 2 would be appreciated !!

    Being a hummous freak myself, I need to see a visual of the one you get from Aldi so I can do a taste test 🙂

    4am start for school…NEVER going to happen in our house, teenagers not being well know for early starts LOL

    And finally a big THANK YOU for my Christmas CD which showed up in Friday’s mail and brightened my day.

  2. Kez says:

    I didn’t get to a day in my life this month either – I spent the day I usually do it running here, there & everywhere so didn’t bother!

    You should homeschool – then Christy could stay in her pyjamas most days ;p

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