Post Christmas

We’ve had a very relaxing couple of days. I’ve loved being a homebody and pottering around – doing some jobs, watching movies, some scrapbooking, cooking, etc. It’s been wet and rainy so perfect weather for it. All our Christmas decorations have been put away and the house has almost returned to normal.

Here are some images from flickr that have made me smile over the last few weeks.
My creation

1. christmas, 2. Day117 – 27th December 2009, 3. Queen for a Day, 4. Silver Sussex Hen, 5. Waratah, 6. My First Winter Solstice (2009), 7. tea and cookies, 8. Untitled, 9. Christmas Tree with white, 10. Heart.., 11. one perfect late night me-moment…, 12. My favorite time…, 13. Love duck egg blue, 14. Wee Bird, 15. Big and Small, 16. Inner circles – “seeds” for my new blanket created from scraps left over from the Granny Alice blanket.

One thought on “Post Christmas

  1. I love how organised you are Libby…though we have a tradition that the tree stays up till my birthday (30th) and then Christmas is all packed up on New Years Eve, ready for the fresh start on the 1st Jan.

    Only problem is we have a fresh tree and it is looking s.a.d LOL

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