2009 Goal Evaluation

It’s that time of year to evaluated the years goals. Very happy to see lots of yeses this year!


* Have regular family dinners at our new kitchen table     YES

* Take more baths    NO

* Have at least 2 family vacations – at present thinking of Byron Bay and the Snowy Mountains (in Winter)   We only managed ONE – we went to Surfers Paradise.

* Continue work in veggie garden. Start to grow own seedlings.    STILL NEED TO WORK ON SEEDLINGS

* Rework weekly routine to do more detailed cleaning around home.    YES

* Read more with girls     YES

* Take dogs to dog training, and work with them during the week.   YES, THOUGH WE HAVE STOPPED THIS NOW

* Follow Red Carpet Ready health/fitness program  (signed up for the 6 week Diamond Club starting 8th Jan)    YES


* Teach myself to sew (Annie if you were close by we could learn together)    YES, YES, YES

* Finish knitting wrap (my friend Sue started it for me in June)   YES

* Learn to Crochet (Sue is going to teach me this June)   YES

* Borrow and read more books from the library – esp. about simple living.   YES

* Attend at least one event run by Sustainable Illawarra NO

* Try to met more online friends in real life   – YES – Kerrie AND AILSA

* Try to have some computer free days during the year – maybe even one a month   A BIG NO!

* Develop new (and old) friendships    NOT REALLY, NO NEW REAL LIFE FRIENDS

* Continue to stick to my budget and start paying extra off the mortgage   YES!!!!

* I had planned to complete Project 365 but it’s already SOLD OUT!!!   NO DID UP TILL JUNE

* Keep developing my Library of Memories (maybe rejoin this class again)   KIND OF

* Develop and expand scrapbooking skills (Mum got me a Big Picture Scrapbooking gift certificate for Christmas)  KIND OF

* Organise the spare room (and keep it tidy)  YES

* Continue to reduce, reuse and recycle   YES

* Make more gifts (instead of buying)   YES