Operation Clean Up – The Laundry

Like many people I seem to have been bitten by the clean up & get organised bug. It’s hot and still school holidays here but it really is a good time for me to get stuck in and get stuff done. It’s 10 days till we go away and I’ve got roughly 10 rooms/areas to tackle.

Today I tackled the laundry. It was pretty disgusting. Cob webs, dog fluff, dust and dirt. I decluttered all the cupboards and drawers, cleaned behind & under the washing machine and even dusted the ceiling as best I could manage.





After: The basket on the right now contains lots of things to go upstairs. The one of the left is stuff still to be ironed.


And some of the nicer details.


And I finally got to sorting the batteries (I bought these containers about 6 months ago)


7 thoughts on “Operation Clean Up – The Laundry

  1. You’ve done a great job Libby! Looks fab! Can I ask where you got your sink cover from? Where are you going on holiday too?

  2. Ailsa – no sink cover – just might white sink – does look like it’s got a cover on it though doesn’t it? We’re going on a 6 week trip to the UK, which includes a 12 night scandanavian/Russian cruise :-).


  3. Just realized you meant my upcoming holiday – we’re going to Nelson’s Bay with my parents. We go every year so while it’s not a big deal it’s always nice (Kevin gets to stay at work 🙂 )


  4. Your laundry is a vision 🙂

    My boys want the basket of batteries (they are always on the hunt for batteries for one thing or another – just don’t like to actually pay for them LOL.

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