Veggie Garden Update


Our vegetable garden has been in for some months. We’ve had mixed success this year – I assume to the crazy weather of hot one day and cold the next. The big success this year so far has been the tomatoes (just starting to pick delicious red one), cucumbers (already have quite a few), strawberries, and capsicum is coming along nicely. I have been blown away with how extra yummy everything has been. Unfortunately the celery has stopped growing (no idea why), most of the lettuce has gone to seed, there is NO SIGN of any pumpkins and the zucchini plant (usually our most prolific) is moving at snail pace.


Amazing strawberries….


Lots of capsicums (peppers) coming along nicely.


Second zucchini – planted from seed and already bigger than the first one we planted months ago!




2 Comments to “Veggie Garden Update”

  1. By Paige, January 7, 2010 @ 8:58 pm

    Wow. I am determined to plant some veg this year! What have you found the easiest to maintain? x

  2. By jody, January 8, 2010 @ 7:06 pm

    Libby, I hear you. We have had the exact same outcome this year (our second year) that it’s a little freaky. Tomatoes everywhere, huge cucumbers and yet our lettuce lasted about 3 days and then went to seed. The basil and parsley, no show. Gary and I were talking about it and we wondered if it was the crazy weather as well.