Nelson Bay – Day 4


Surely it can’t be day 4 already! Another lazy day by the Bay. I woke around 6.30am, contemplated a walk but when I saw Amy was still asleep, decided tea and blogs would be more fun. Slowly the house awoken and we had breakfast (inside today as it was a little cool outside). I’ve been craving cheese on toast after seeing it recently on Taylors blog (Joy of Food) so that’s what I had. The girls played on their DSs while we got ready to go to the beach. I just love their intense concentration.


We headed out around 10.30 and spent a few hours on the beach. We had a lovely time – there was a nice breeze which made it a bit cooler. Unfortunately due to this I didn’t realize how hot the sun was and now am slightly sunburnt. I should have known better and usually refuse to be in the sun in the middle of the day but I was just trying to go along with what made everyone happy. And we did have a lovely time.




We left at 1.30pm in search of food and had lunch at a nearby cafe.


They didn’t have a lot vegetarian but there was a sandwich that sounded interesting – red kidney beans, sweet chilli sauce, sour cream, lettuce and guacamole. It was DELICIOUS!!! I’m definitely going to recreate this at home. So yummy, and so messy!


After lunch we headed back to the apartment. Mum & the girls went down to the pool for awhile. Even though I didn’t yet know I was sunburnt I knew I didn’t want any more sun today. I sat on our balcony (in the shade) reading the book I’d started at the beach. We lazed the rest of the day away and enjoyed another BBQ for dinner.


Later, we finished the game of cluedo we started last night and enjoyed another magical sunset.


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