Nelson Bay – Day 5


Well, it’s been another tiring day….not!!!

I woke around 6am but managed to get back to sleep for another half hour or so. Amy had a sore back and didn’t feel up to a walk. Me, being lazy, decided not to bother as well.

Played on the computer most of the morning. Everyone was up for breakfast by around 9am. Some of us read, some played DS games, and some (ie. me) played on the computer some more trying to book some more of our UK trip.

Christy did manage to make everyones bed – a job she’s chosen to do each morning. And boy, does she do a great job!


At 12.30pm I logged in for the first live chat with Valerie‘s Diamond Club. The program is supposed to start today but I’ll be starting when I’m home from holidays. Had lunch while chatting with the girls and at 1.30pm we left to drive to Tanilba House – a 170 year old house built with convict labour.




We were tempted to leave Christy locked in the convict jail cell.


After touring the home we had a devonshire tea in the school room (where apparently the ghost of the governess can be sometimes seen).


We were a bit nervous when told we were sitting on chairs worth $200. Christy couldn’t understand why when they weren’t very comfortable.


After our afternoon tea we explored the gardens a little. I was amazed to see all these spiders on the same web – never seen anything like it! Anyone know what they are – they really were gorgeous.


We drove to Tea Gardens and the girls and Nan had a swim. After yesterday I sat myself in the shade and just watched and did some reading. The girls had a wonderful time and made some friends. We ended up stay over 2.5 hours till 6pm.



Since we still have a 30min drive home we decided to have takeaway at the nearby cafe. Unfortunately it wasn’t the nicest meal.


We then drove home. Upon arrival Nan realized her watch was missing and had probably dropped on the ground back at Tea Gardens. So her and Pop headed back in the hope they could find it.

Tonights sunset photo was taken a bit earlier…


4 thoughts on “Nelson Bay – Day 5

  1. I’ve just been catching up with your blog and your holiday pictures – it looks as though you’ve been having a fabulous time – gorgeous weather and fun pictures. It all looks so relaxing!

    Will you be going to Devon in England on your trip for a REAL Devon cream tea??? The best one I have ever had was at a place called Dartmeet on Dartmoor in Devon, England. My parents live about an hour from there.

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