Nelson Bay Day 7


Last day – sob. Can’t believe I’ve been sleeping in till around 6.30am (but I did stay up finishing my book). It was already warm. I enjoyed some nice fresh fruit this morning.


Mum was feeling better but not 100% and since it was forecast to be a scorcher of a day I took the girls shopping for a couple of hours. We first went into Nelson Bay for a wander around. Lots of beautiful home shops but I didn’t buy anything.


We then headed to the shopping center (and the air conditioning). We got school shoes & joggers for Christy, clothes for both the girls and a few grocery items. Christy was pretending to be an orphan again and making her own purchases :-).


We arrived back about 1pm and had some of the fresh bread rolls we’d bought. Then we got ready and headed to the shark and ray center. It was rather expensive but the girls had lots of fun feeding the rays and sharks. We opted not to get in the water and I think this was a good decision because it was way more fun watching the rays launch themselves out of the water to get the food. They were so cute and so friendly.





These guys were my favourite….

**** Will post a video when I get home!

We stayed about an hour or so. Would have stayed longer but it was so hot (even being indoors). We then took the girls back to Lemon Tree Passage to see if their friends were there. They weren’t but we’d been told to go knock on their door if we made it back there – so we did. The kids all played together for a couple of hours and we headed home after 6pm.


Back home we started packing our belongings while Pop cooked the last BBQ. It’s now 8.30pm so we’ll be heading to bed soon.

I’ll leave you with our last sunset….


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