What’s in your bag?

Taylor of Joy of Food sent out a challenge to her readers to share the contents of their bags.

I’ve been using Fossil bags for a long time – love their style and all the pockets. Here is the one I was using up until about 2 weeks ago. This is my Summer bag, I have a blue leather bag for Winter.


Here are the normal contents of my bag, plus more often than not, my camera. I don’t usually have nail polish but this was borrowed from my beautician.


* Main wallet (new – thanks Mum!!)

* 2 other “purses” – one for grocery money and one for gift money

* Card holder (need to get a bigger one or find another way to organise them)

* At least a couple material shopping bags (these fold up so small)

* Water bottle (love this one from flylady – keep water cold ALL day long)

* Handcream, hand sanatiser, sun cream, lipstick

* Wet ones (Singles we bought in the USA)

* Panadine

* Hair elastic

* Sunglasses (if they’re not in the car)

* notebook and pen

* Gift vochuers and cards

* I always have an emergency snack which I need to restock.

Despite the pockets I still found I was losing things in this bag (as the main opening is once section), so I quite exited to find this bag organiser at Howard Storage (after seeing lots of similar things available in the States). Can you believe that everything above fits in? The few remaining items would fit but they go in pockets in my bag.



Speaking of bags, I’m currently trialing a new bag Mum bought for me on holidays. I love it and so far it’s working out great, in spite of it’s size. It’s so comfortable and seems to be lighter. It was certainly great on holidays as I could fit LOTS in it!


So now I’m going challenge you to share “what’s in your bag?”

4 thoughts on “What’s in your bag?

  1. Cool Libby! That was fun to read. My bag always has dodgy stuff in it like socks because I wear my joggers to work and take stocking type ‘socks’ to change at work with my black shoes I leave there, so I wear the sports socks home with my joggers and then I bring my smelly black stocking socks home.. LOL – that was interesting wasn’t it?!

    I also usually carry my camera too and the cord (just in case I get time to update my blog at work!) my wallet and a little case which has mascara and eyeliner, a hair band, lip balm and my USB’s 🙂

    Other then that I just have my wallet, usually a That’s Life or Take 5 mag which I read on the train, a contain with work lunch and a drink. I’m bad, instead of taking water with me, I usually sprite zero everywhere. I refill the bottles with just no frills stuff at home.

    I feel like a big dag admiting all that! LOL

  2. I plan to do this post on my blog and will link to yours! I think it’s a fun idea 🙂 I don’t carry all that much in mine and right now I am looking for a new bag but can’t find one I like – I LOVE that bag organiser! What a great idea! I love Summer bags – and I love long straps – I can’t find any bags I like with long straps right now – they are all short ‘hand’ bags – the kind you can only hold with your hand – just tuck under your amr and I hate those as they always slip off your shoulder.

    The hunt continues……

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